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French killed his neighbor because he neglected in the care of his fish!

فرنسي يقتل جاره لأنه أهمل في رعاية أسماكه!
French police arrested a man suspected of involvement in the murder of his neighborafter he angered him because he assigned to his fish under the auspices of the gold, but neglected and left to spend.
According to French media agency that has been the discovery of the body of 55-year-old man Tuesday night in a warehouse full of water to the Trash, and appeared to have died after a blow on the head.

After investigation, police arrested a neighbor man who was a strained relationship with him since last February.
Police said the suspect, who was dealing with alcohol got so fed up of his neighbor, killing him after a fit of anger, and said that witnesses saw him he cleans his house after the murder of his neighbor, and suspect that he was trying to remove traces of blood.


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