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American mother hired dancers strip for her son's Day .. The 16

Mother hired two strippers to perform lap dances for high school kids at her son's 16th birthday party, NY police say

Images of the party surfaced on Facebook, prompting police to look into it further. This image appeared on a video report from WNYT TV.
Photograph by: WNYT ,

French found his three sons with their throats slit at home

Three French children were found with their throats slit at their home near Paris on Friday.

DAMPMART (AFP) - Three French children were found with their throats slit at their home near Paris on Friday, police said, adding that a search had been launched for their absconding mother.

American man dies on his way to bury his wife

أمريكي يفارق الحياة وهو في طريقه لدفن زوجته

Americans have died on his way to bury his wife, their children decided to immediately bury their father, along with their mother.


Thief in Turkey steals the same house 5 times!

لص في تركيا يسرق نفس المنزل 5 مرات!

Mohamed Bakr, a resident in the district'' Miram center'' state of Adana, he rewrote the new banner in which he said:'' Dear thief fed up of writing banners. What you thieves!''.

British man fails 107 times in the driving exam

شاب بريطاني يفشل 107 مرات في امتحان قيادة السيارة

Failure of a British man in the 28-year-old, driving exam 107 times, however, did not interrupt the hope in his ability to pass this exam, although it cost him thousands of pounds.


Drug Cures "love" and relieves the heart of the bitterness of separation!

عقار يشفي من

If your marriage is on the line and you afraid of forbearance hardship dimension and separation and would like to accept it with an open mind and a smile deep and very easily, this has become easy Hydrologists Oxford British conducted research for the production of drug cures disease "love" and relieves the heart of the bitterness of separation.

Or prison because of her children absent from school

سجن أم بسبب تغيب أطفالها عن المدرسة

A British court sentenced a woman on charges of absent children 3 continuously for the school, and the failure to ensure they go to it on a regular basis.
The Magistrate's Court issued in Truro in Cornwall County, sentenced to 8 weeks and added to the sentence for a period of 12 weeks suspended previously implemented the right of women, which did not reveal her identity for legal reasons.

An old British to quit smoking after 82 years

عجوز بريطانية تقلع عن التدخين بعد 82 عاما

Celebrated old British at the age of 102 years finally her birthday amid 4 generations of her family are totally different, and that through their success in quitting smoking after about 82 years, according to the press, "the Lancashire Evening Post" local.

Wedding cake with $ 52.7 million!

كعكة زفاف بــ52.7 مليون دولار!

Is scheduled to provide the most expensive wedding cake in the world in the gallery of the marriage will be held in the British city of Liverpool on March 3.


Pictures .. fox attacking a baby in its cradle and nibbles finger

Fox attacked a baby at the age of one month in London, and dragged him from his bed and biting his finger, according to the Web site, "Sky News" British, today.

Teacher "chemistry" in Egypt depicts students "naked" in his house


The teacher "chemistry" filmed 9 students Baltanueh public, in Beheira, north of Cairo, without their clothes after forcing the strip, while commuting to his home to take a tutorial, then the threatening images that has inherently a "CD" to force them to practice immorality him.

An old Algerian provoke horror, bringing her funeral after he woke up in the grave

عجوز جزائرية تُثير رعب مشيعيها عقب استيقاظها في القبر

A strange incident in the city loaded Friday in Algeria, where he was washing and shrouding an old woman in the seventh decade of life, and began to walk to her final resting place, but it is a moment and put it in the grave opened her eyes, and then returned to breathing.

Jumped from the seventh floor to escape from his wife!

قفز من الدور السابع فراراً من زوجته!

The reports said a man Estonia, escaped from certain death when he jumped from the seventh floor, using a rope of bed sheets to escape from his wife, which prevented him from going out of the house, fearing to go to the "nightclub".

Sudan: penalty for 7 men raped girl

السودان: الإعدام لـ 7 رجال اغتصبوا طفلة

Lawyer announced that the Sudanese court sentenced to death by hanging to death on 7 men convicted of raping a child at the age of 4 years after drugged, in a rare incident in the Sudan.

Pakistani arrested a gang stealing women's hair dead meat!

القبض على عصابة باكستانية تسرق شعر النساء الميتات!

Local police managed to boycott the "staff" was in Pakistan's Sindh province arrested two people belonged to the gang carried out heinous crimes in the theft of hair top women after the exhumation of graves for the purpose of selling.


Win one million dollars and died a day later

After less than 24 hours on receiving the news of winning one million dollars in the lottery, U.S. died "Khan Orog" aged 46 years before he received the award age.

Virgins Vietnam for sale for only $ 6000 .. With replacement warranty

"Buy wife from Vietnam for only $ 6000."This was the title advertising publication in a newspaper of Vietnam in English as opposed to language newspaper, above pictures of models flowing saliva of future wives who have become one of them the property to its owner after the repayment amount.


A rare picture of Princess Diana "adolescent" exposure auction

Displays a role auctions in the United Kingdom, a rare picture of Princess Diana during her adolescence, and before her marriage to Prince

Video ..The emergence of a sea monster in the depths of the ocean

A team of scientists in Japan to capture the first images of a giant squid in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, in what is believed to be - according to Japanese legend - the natural evolution of the famous sea monster "Kraken."

Dangerous hidden camera for 2013 - Video

أخطر كاميرا خفية لعام 2013 - فيديو

Who described the most serious video camera hidden in 2013, is an awareness rather than a comedy, the significance of this video is that we always have to do good work in our lives before death, do not come back able to go back and correct errors.

Demonstration of sex workers in Istanbul to protest the closure of brothels

Sex workers in Istanbul held a demonstration in Zürafa Street, Istanbul's oldest venue for brothels in protest of the local authorities' temporary closure of 6 brothels.


Paparazzi kills crushed to death while chasing a car Justin Bieber


According to U.S. media reports on Wednesday that a photographer was chasing a car the young singer Justin Bieber in Los Angeles was killed Tuesday night while trying to take pictures of a car singer.

The overthrow of a Saudi man entered usurps school student in the water cycle

الاطاحة بسعودي دخل مدرسة واغتصب طالب في دورة المياة

Police revealed Rass ambiguity criminal case represented by the obscene watt one of the students within the school by a masked person, ascended to the first floor and did outrageous student in the bathroom and came out of the school.

Man arrested an Israeli woman was raped

القبض على عشريني اغتصب ثمانينية إسرائيلية

Israeli reports said that the police in Israel managed to capture the man accused of raping 83-year-old woman living alone at her home in Tel Aviv.

A cleaner usurps sick after leaving the operating room

مصر: عامل نظافة يغتصب مريضة بعد خروجها من غرفة العمليات!

Took advantage of a cleaner Egyptian state anesthesia, which was one of the patients after they leave the intensive care room, and raped her under the influence of the anesthetic.

Brazilian child wakes up from the dead to eat a cup of water and back to die again

Two-year-old Kelvin Santos was declared dead on Friday after he stopped breathing during treatment for pneumonia
Two-year-old Kelvin Santos was declared dead on Friday after he stopped breathing during treatment for pneumonia

A two-year-old boy sat up in his coffin and asked for water before laying back down again lifeless, according to a Brazilian news website. 
In a case that seems almost too incredible to be true, ORM claimed that Kelvin Santos stopped breathing during treatment for pneumonia at a hospital in Belem, northern Brazil.
He was declared dead at 7.40pm on Friday and his body was handed over to his family in a plastic bag.

American woman leaves $ 20 million gift for a garden and a library

أمريكية تترك 20 مليون دولار هبة لحديقة ومكتبة

In a gesture is the first of its kind the U.S. decided Mary McConnell Bailey left $ 20 million gift to the New York Public Library, and Park "Central Park."


Al Qaeda 'allocates a large cash prize to anyone who killed the U.S. ambassador in Yemen

Allocated "Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula" big cash prizes to those who kill the U.S. ambassador in Yemen or a American soldiers.

Egypt: 3 unemployed kidnapped wife and rape her in retaliation for her husband

مصر: 3 عاطلين يختطفون زوجة ويغتصبونها انتقامًا من زوجها

3 unemployed wife kidnapped and raped her neighbor in the pyramid.

Sharks between shoppers shopping mall after an explosion Aquarium! - Video

أسماك قرش بين متسوقي مركز تجاري إثر انفجار حوض أسماك! - فيديو

Showed video posted recently on YouTube moments of horror experienced by hundreds of shoppers one of the commercial centers in China after a huge burst swimming sharks shoppers, injuring 15 people by flying glass.


American Olivia win the Miss Universe title

American crowned Olivia Calvo on Wednesday Miss Universe to become the eighth American to win the title in the history of the competition in which it competes beauty pageants around the world, which began 60 years ago.

Crocodile jumps on top swimmer in Australia!

In a scene mixing between the Party and the terror and excitement, the crocodile by jumping on top of Swedish tourist was swimming in one of the salt lakes in Australia.

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