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Yemeni killed a Yemeni accused him of witchcraft and the destruction of his business

يمني يقتل يمنيا إتهمه بالسحر وخراب تجارته
Difference Yemeni Aaron Zindani life at the age of 50 years died of injuries sustained as a result of stab wounds he had received from Yemeni national, Abdul Ahmed khat dealer-Harbi, a scream, "You, Jew .. ruined my business in magic." Tried to flee after the war that I did earlier on, but that a number of bystanders prevented that and managed to catch him and hand him over later to the security authorities.


For many of those interested in what goes on in Yemen, the Arab world in general of revolutions (plural feminine ox) popularity of so-called "Arab spring" that led to the state of lawlessness worsening, in addition to these revolutions (plural feminine ox) produced the "currents of anti-tolerance and coexistence betweenreligions, "according to them.
Yahya said Zindani's son victim of assault that the perpetrator did not know his father, a well-defined and its relationship with him were not than to say between now and then he "cut his living by magic."
Commenting on the event appealed to Rabbi Yahya Youssef Moussa, head of the Jewish community in Yemen, the country's President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi to take the necessary measures to protect the Jews, stressing "we are weak do not commit aggression on the one and ask the authorities to apply the rule of law on the abuser," as reported by local media.
It is worth mentioning that this incident took place the number of days a few of the statement made by Rabbi Yahya Youssef Moussa told CNN Arabic expressed through the hope that the Government of his country on the allocation of seats for the sons of the Jewish community of Yemen in the Shura and Representatives, "so we feel citizenship real, non-discrimination is a right guaranteed by our law and the Constitution, "hoping not to serve the Jewish community, but also Yemen.
He expressed his happiness to join his two sons and happy candle to the Children's Parliament "We were happy and Saad, all the children of the Jewish community in Yemen when he knew the annexation of two of our children to the Children's Parliament, everyone began to feel that we are equal in rights and duties." The rabbi said the Yemeni Jews, expressing a sense of the country, "We have felt we are part of the Yemeni people and called on the government to look into the need for attention to post Yemeni Jews in the report of the fate of their country."
With regard to the emigration of Jews from Yemen to Israel, said Rabbi Moses, "How we found the temptation to leave our country, Yemen and travel to Israel or America, but it is impossible to leave our country, I'm Yemen Yemen." He also drew attention to the return of many members of the community in Yemen after their immigration to Israel, and these family Zindani Aaron himself, who was unable to cope with the lifestyle is not unusual for them in Israel.
And their participation in the Children's Parliament of Yemen expressed the daughter of Rabbi candle is at the age of 15 years in the hope that you can help the disabled, describing relations huddled in the school as positive, while Said I'm 13 years he would like to Lucan able to contribute to its score in order to allow all access to education .

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