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U.S. re-planting flowers stolen half a century ago

أميركي يعيد زرع أزهار سرقها قبل نصف قرن
U.S. decided to atone for the sin committed in 1958 while stealing flowers from a public park in Nashville to guide her to his mother on the occasion of rejoicing mother returnedafter more than half a century to the garden for planting seedlings place.

The site «2 News Nashville» Titeleyv that Billy was in the age of 18 in 1958 did not have the money to buy flowers for his mother on the occasion of rejoicing mother, and one of his friends when he decided that «borrows» some flowers from the park do like him.

He said Tilv (73 years) at the time he was able to escape from the security forces, but his conscience scolded.

He said he brought roots and flowers of the garden planted by his mother using the stolenplant grown in the park.


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