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Facebook offer its shares for public subscription

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Image via CrunchBase

According to press reports that the famous social networking site Facebook is planning to float its shares for IPO this week amid expectations of the arrival of the purchasing power of the company to between 75 and 100 billion dollars.
The newspapers reported the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal that Facebook will make next Wednesday to the Capital Market Authority, the US request to offer the shares for public subscription.
According to reports, Facebook is seeking to raise ten billion US dollars from initial public offering of its shares has become of the few companies in the world surpassed the 10 billion initial public offering of its shares.
The Google site has collected $ 1.9 billion when launching its IPO in 2004.
The reports pointed out that it is likely to assume a bank Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley's management to offer the shares.
Speculation about offering shares for public subscription on Facebook over the past months, but company officials declined to comment on these reports.
And raised the purchasing power of the company projected that Facebook may be laid down in the ranks of major companies, the reactions in the financial community.
Books and media mogul Rupert Murdoch on his personal bank account on Twitter, "Facebook has achieved great achievements, but that the value of the company up to $ 100 billion would make Apple look poor."
The number of Facebook users around the world about 800 million users and the company's annual revenue up to about $ 4 billion of advertising.
And set up Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg site with two of his colleagues at Harvard University in 2004 and quickly became famous site until now the largest network of social networking.

Source: BBC Arabic

General strike paralyzes Belgium

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إضراب عام يشل بلجيكا
Belgium today is witnessing the first general strike in nearly twenty years to protest government austerity measures, which meets at a time when EU leaders to sign a permanent fund to save for the euro area.It is expected that this strike to an almost complete paralysis in Belgium, closing down the entire network of trains and buses, and many schools will close their doors and cease production in the factories Audi and Volvo.Brussels Airport was forced to cancel all flights because of the union plans to stop the access roads to the airport.The unions have called for the first general strike in the country since 1993 because of government plans to increase the effective age of retirement, in addition to other procedures designed to provide 11.3 billion euros ($ 14.84 billion).
The government also froze 1.3 billion euros of spending beginning of the year after a warning from the European Commission that Brussels is not on track to meet its objectives. Belgium has pledged to reduce the budget deficit to below the level required by the EU of 3% of gross domestic product.It followed the Fitch credit rating classification of the example of Fannie Standard & Poor's and Moody's on Friday cut the credit rating of Belgium with a negative outlook, his pointing to fears of a worsening debt crisis and the recession could undermine the commitment to reform.European SummitIt meets in Brussels today, EU leaders to sign a permanent fund to save for the euro zone is expected to agree to the terms of the Treaty of financial stresses budget rules to national legislation.It is assumed that the summit meeting will focus on providing jobs and growth, with the aspiration of leaders to reduce the emphasis on austerity budget that is unpopular politically.It is expected that the summit meeting that up to twenty billion euros in unused funds from the EU budget from 2007 to 2013 will be directed towards the provision of jobs, especially among young people, and a commitment to liberalization of bank lending to companies.The leaders will sign a treaty set up what is known as the European stability mechanism, a Save the permanent size of five hundred billion euros due to start work in July next year before the date that was originally planned.The Fund will replace the European stability mechanism known as the facilities of the European financial stability, a fund used to temporarily save the Earl Nada, Portugal and Greece will help in the program's second save.

Source: Al-Jazeera

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi revealed rebels for treasures of his father

تقارير: سيف الإسلام كشف للثوار عن كنوز والده في باب العزيزية مقابل تسليمه للمحكمة الجنائية الدولية
Revealed the news reports Algeria on Sunday that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of Colonel late Muammar Gaddafi revealed to the rebels for the treasures of the headquarters of the rule of his father at the door of Azizia in the context of an undeclared deal to ensure delivery to the International Criminal Court. The newspaper "the day the new Algerian" that the Libyan authorities are preparing to hand over the sword Islam ‮ ‬ the International Criminal Court in The Hague ‮ ‬ for his appearance before it on charges of participating in ‮ ‬ of war crimes and genocide against civilians in collaboration with his father and the leader of the Libyan secret service and a number of military officials in ‮ ‬ the Libyan regime ‮ ‬ earlier, according to the memo issued in ‮ ‬ right after the outbreak of the RevolutionFebruary ‮ 71 ‬ ‮. ‬ The ‮ ‬ the move a week after the deadline ‮ ‬ set by the Office of the Prosecutor ‮ ‬ General of the International Criminal Court and members of the Transitional Council, ‮ ‬ Libyan ‮ ‬ of the season in ‮ ‬ delivery of Gaddafi's son, ‮ ‬ Saif al-Islam, ‮ ‬ has been detained by the rebels and the ‮ ‬ demanding Hague ‮ ‬ Bastelamh to appear before it on several charges, ‮ ‬ The Tripoli has requested a period of three weeks to respond to the request of the Prosecutor ‮ ‬ year, ‮ ‬ but the deadline passed plasticity answer from Libya under the pretext of the deteriorating security situation ‮ ‬ that ‮ ‬ witnessed the ‮ ‬ Beni Walid and the postponement of the meeting of the Interim Council to ‮ ‬ ‮ ‬ Sunday of the season in ‮ ‬ many issues, including the delivery of Saif al-Islam of the Court of The Hague in the Netherlands ‮ ‬ ‮. ‬ The sources attributed the delay and procrastination in ‮ ‬ delivery of Saif al-Islam to attempt the transition ‮ to end the investigation with the largest symbols of the former regime in ‮ ‬ many of the issues most important to detect for the treasures of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi ‮ ‬ estimated billions of dollars hidden in ‮ ‬ secret locations. Sources in ‮ ‬ and the Ministry of Interior Libya that Saif al-Islam had visited during the last few days the Bab Azizia in Tripoli for the detection of where money was ‮ ‬ lie Colonel Gaddafi ‮ ‬ in ‮ ‬ based, ‮ ‬ and the authorities were able to recover tens of millions in ‮ ‬ one secret places inside the door of Azizia not ‮ ‬ known only to the colonel himself and his son, Seif al-Islam and the former Libyan intelligence chief Abdullah Sanusi ‮. ‬ the other hand, ‮ ‬ has Saif al-Islam, ‬ special care of the rebels who Alzentan ‮ holding him since his arrest. And refuse to hand him over to the Central Command in the capital Tripoli. This has been the special mission of the International Red Cross ‮ ‬ and a special committee of the International Criminal Court that she visited Saif al-Islam and stood on the circumstances of his arrest, ‮ ‬ so as not to ‮ ‬ be subjected to ill-treatment, especially after the assassination of both his father and his brother Mu'tasim at the hands of the rebels.

Source: Constitution

Suspicious packages in the French and Israeli embassies in Australia

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عنصران من الشرطة الاسترالية في احدى ضواحي سيدني في 2011
Australian police announced that teams specializing in the dismantling of explosives were called Monday to the embassies of Israel and France in Canberra after the discovery ofsuspicious packages found it does not present a threat.
He said a police spokesman told AFP that a team specialized in the removal of mines sent to the French Embassy in Canberra Iralomla suburb with a large number of embassies after finding a "suspicious package".
The suspect package was found in another nearby Israeli embassy.
Experts said that the packages do not pose a threat and he was re-opened nearby streetsto traffic.
The police did not know whether the incidents were related.

Source: French

Prevent the tattoo on the phenomenon, parts of police officers Sydney

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Image via Wikipedia

Prevented the authorities in Sydney, Australian police officers to draw any tattoo, in whatever form, on the phenomenon, parts of their bodies, but they can draw a tattoo under their uniforms. Said Michael Corpua, Assistant Commissioner of Police, told «The Sunday Telegraph», published in Sydney: «Do you want members of the community that the person knocking on doors of homes and has a tattoo's (former boxer) Mike Tyson on his face or neck?». He continued: «a matter of professionalism, it's about discipline and how to deal decent (a police) in public». Corpua did not specify whether each holder will have the tattoo of the 16 A component of the police force in New South Wales to remove it. And may have some policemen from the holders of the long forms of tattoos on their arms to wear long sleeve shirts. The verdict comes after a month of an order to the police in the state of Victoria, the second largest state of Australia, to get rid of chin hair and beards and short hair dyed.The orders were issued to women between the police, numbering 14 thousand item, styled their hair in the form of a cake and stop styling in a pony tail. A spokesman for Police Association, Greg Davis, the police «need to restore some respect they lost over the past decade or so, and this is a good step on the path to it».
Source: Middle East

record for the longest lap in the world

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Have you heard before about the competition the longest lap in the world? Competition was held and contested by 6 pairs of lovers, he was able 4 pairs of them only survive for the longest time and record a new world, where he managed four pairs of stay for 24 hours and 44 minutes in the bosom of continuous standing, and some even sapped his strength at the end and the back of reeling from the intensity of fatigue, but the numbers have a standard Crazy.


The discovery of 11 new solar group

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Image by NASAblueshift via Flickr

Scientists said that the space telescope Kepler space - who is looking for planets and follow the Department of Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) - found 11 groups of new solar, one of the five planets closest to the star around which the mother of Mercury to the sun.

And raises this discovery, announced on Thursday a list of confirmed planets outside the solar system to 729, including 60 attributed to Kepler team. And the telescope can be launched into space in March / March 2009 to detect slight declines - but regular - in the amount of light coming from stars.

The scientists can then determine whether the optical changes due to planets close to the vision of Kepler. The 2300 Kepler discovered another planet waiting for more confirmation.

Not like any of the groups of planets discovered in recent times our solar system with eight planets, but that "Kepler 33" - is the star of the oldest and largest of the sun - has five planets are closer to the star around which the mother of Mercury to the sun.

The range of the planets in size from about 1.5 such as the diameter of the Earth to the five-fold, after the scientists did not specify whether the objects of solid rock like Earth, Venus, Mars, Mercury, or it is full of gas like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Said planetary scientist Jack Lissauer of Ames Research Center NASA, California, the Kepler team discovered a star in the past and one has six confirmed planets and a second of the five planets.

Includes nine new groups of two planets, one of which includes three, bringing the total number of planets detected to 26, all closer to their stars from Venus to the Sun.

And is said to Reuters: "doubled three times the number of stars which we know to have more than one planet Sayyar, so this is what is important here."

The planet Mercury, the closest planet to the sun, followed by Venus and then Earth.

Source: Reuters

Tips to enjoy the best computer games

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Said experts in the field of electronic games that can follow a number of tips to avoid problems that may face in the user's computer to run, especially with the modern games.
Experts say that the gaming world is a resort favored by many who have personal computers, but if your PC is not well developed, attempts to enjoy a game may not be easy, but it is not impossible.
This was already possible to where it was easy to use graphics cards (graphics), but that idea is no longer a pressing now as it was in the past.
He says gaming expert Tobias Arens of the Association of the "House of Com" German technological industries "has slowed down development processes, particularly with regard to graphics cards Voab personal computers enables the current practice is very well presented with two years ago.
However, games such as new "Battlefield 3 or" Wilder scrolls in the "can not exercise even using the latest graphics cards or the best and obvious, if you install those cards to copy the devices are old, and to ensure the clarity of the image in such games and practice easily and run smoothly, be the user to choose the correct settings.

Modify the settingsMany of the games contain lists of options, where you can adjust the details such as shadows and transparency effects, or field of view separately. You can do a lot with those lists, though it may seem boring task exciting and down to the correct settings, and better to know in advance the ideal settings to achieve the best benefits.
Says Daniel Hoehne, head of computer graphics, "Computer Graphics" in the Dresden University of Technology, it should disable the settings for Billabih graphics and tricks lighting, such as the effects of shading and lighting dynamic range because they consume too much memory graphics card, one of the huge obstacles to the practice of online gaming PCs personal.
"The working memory for the graphics card often have a greater impact than the potential of the graphics processor in the games."
The second problem that must be dealt with are the shadows and effects of anti-meanders that make the graphics look smooth, polished, not sharp angles, and these effects are important to ensure the appearance of people and things are smooth without those spots of light and shadow that appears distributed unequally.
Says Daniel Mulendorv of the magazine "BBC James Hardware" German "This effect seems to be limited as compared to the resources required."
It is important to be careful to retain the settings for general construction of the image "Tkschr" that control the way the emergence of surfaces and objects, the highest degree of accuracy possible.
Daniel warns Mulendorv "if they reduce the quality (set of general construction) it would seem people are not only unpleasant, but the entire picture will be ugly."

Source: German

Michael Jackson's doctor to demand his release

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Murray has vowed to submit to electronic monitoring in the case of release on bail (Reuters- Archive)

Asked the doctor Conrad Murray, former pop singer Michael Jackson, the late, convicted of killing him by mistake in 2009, the court released from prison pending his appeal to theprison term is four years.

Murray said that he wanted to resume his conviction on charges of manslaughter, for his release without bail, noting his agreement to submit to electronic monitoring braceletdevelop its place-mail, or any other means of control.

He also said Murray, 58-year-old that if his release from prison, plans to live with the mother of his child Nicole, until you hear the appeal, which may take a whole year.

Under Murray's death was sentenced to four years in prison for manslaughter after being found by a jury on the seventh of November found guilty by providing dope Jackson led to his death on June 25, 2009, and not to render aid appropriate for him, when faced bydifficulties.

Under Murray's sentence in solitary confinement, and shall be entered in the case of let him out of his prison, as was said by his lawyers.

The doctor was a former Jackson seeks to prove that the late is partly responsible for his death so as not to have to pay all the amount of compensation allocated to the Jackson family, which may reach $ 100 million.

Source: Agencies

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