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For the second time: Iranian capture the title of "Miss Canada"

Iranian charm Beniaz

Yahoo written
Iran has been able Beniaz sexual magic of capturing the title of "Miss Canada", after competing with 61 rival, of whom three Canadians of Arab origin, who was chosen one of them and the second runner.

Beniaz charm and crowned the title early Sunday in the city of Toronto, was selected asthe glory of the Jordanian and Saudi runner again.

Jordanian Saudi glory

With charm Beniaz win the title making it the second Iranian to win it, after the KurdishNazanin Afshin from Iran gm, the wife of Canadian Defense Minister Peter MacKay.
And charm Beniaz (26 years), born in India to Iranian parentsgrew up and raised in Iran, which speaks its own language so far, and a child emigrated with her family to Canada,where my ad model works in the city of Vancouver.
It is worth mentioning that the selection contest "Miss Canada" 2012 witnessed theincident is unprecedented in the history of all the concerts beauty queens since the firstcontest was organized 91 years ago, a post "sexually transGina Talakova, which was chosen from among 12 most beautiful rival.

Gina Talakova

The "Talakova" I was born a boy 23 years agobut with the child's sense of femininitysince the age of 4 years, it has handed over his family to the doctor treated hormoneafter 10 years, before the subject at the age of 19 years for the process of transformationand change sex completely, and after two years was recorded trans woman in the circle of family and a new name.

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