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Video: Hundreds of Saudis break into an abandoned hospital in 26 years "to chase the jinn"

Yahoo written
Hundreds of young Saudis last night broke into the hospital "Irqa" abandoned and set on fire on the pretext that he is haunted by demons, and forces Saudi police to evacuatethe building of young people who wandered into the museum before heading to one another, setting fire to some parts of the building.

  And went immediately to the civil defense forces in Riyadh to the building and started to put out the fire burning in the building, according to Helms on the newspaper "already"e.
Saw the hospital Thousands of young people who communicated through social networking sites and letters BlackBerry and to make sure common jinn traded on the hospital building abandoned for more than 26 years. Was able young people from entering the hospital, carrying torches and lighting, while the other setting fire to parts of the building before the start of the security authorities in the evacuation of the building from intruders and extinguish the fire.

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