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German teenager solve a mystery baffled mathematicians for 350 years

مراهق ألماني يحل لغزاً حير علماء الرياضيات 350 عاماً
Enable the teenager in the age of sixteen of the solution puzzle puzzledmathematicians for 350 years.

The newspaper "Daily Mail" that the British teenager German "Churya irrigation" has been classified as a genius after that solving puzzles and put the famousBritish physicist, "Isaac Newton".
And enables the child, one of the city, "Dresden" German solution of problems in the theories of "dynamics" While scientists could not previously be resolvedwithout the use of sophisticated computers.
Solutions reached by the genius of the child means that it is able to calculate the way scientists are now way forward for the ball after the throw in the air, as well ashow to anticipate hitting the wall and rebounded.
And enables the child prodigy of this achievement during a school trip to the University, "Dresden".
I think at first that it is just naive, but university professors confirmed that thefindings entirely correct.

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