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The birth of a goat with two heads and 4 eyes and 4 ears in Saudi Arabia

ولادة ماعز برأسين و4 أعين و4 آذان في السعودية
Goat gave birth to a baby with two heads of a citizen and 4 eyes and 4 ears, and stillgoats born alive and breathing, a nasal in full health, is still alive and dealing with his own food naturally.

According to "Al Jazeera Forum", it was surprised by Mohammed Pavel newborn Hisbiceps, and emphasized the veterinarian branch of the Ministry of Agriculture in the province of Laith Hassan Jerfa that it is very natural.
He added: "It may be that fetal exposure to the distortions, for two reasons: first, such as the genetic cause sperm to be distorted or essentially the same form of an unnatural orthat the egg is at the goats have abnormal qualities."

And he continued, "The other reason is fetal exposure to a group of medicinespersistent you take goats on a regular basis or any chemical substance, in addition tosome drugs that may cause malformation of the fetus, which affects the fetus and it one of the women with harelip or because of dangerous chemicals and radiation , "stressingat the same time:" Could not live very much like this species. "


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