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Brazilian girl offering her virginity for sale at public auction to help the poor!

فتاة برازيلية تعرض عذريتها للبيع في مزاد علني لتساعد الفقراء!

Brazilian offered Katrina Mageleorina - 20 years old - her virginity at auction for sale in order to provide the amount donated to help build houses for the poor people of her hometown in the state of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil. 


Message of the year 1933 to find their way to their owners


American woman has been able to achieve security and mother of the deceased, having been able to deliver a message back to the year 1933 to the owners, her mother found her in 1960.

Pictures and video .. NZ adventurer in the heart of "hell crater"

The adventurer and the world of volcanoes NZ last month crazy trip with his team, while coming in the crater of a volcano, "Marom" on the island "Umbrian"; to become within 27 meters of lava angry, that temperature up to 1150 degrees Celsius.

"Curjoosta" find evidence of Mars water

Explained U.S. scientists to probe "Curaossite", which sent the National Aeronautics and Space Administration "NASA" to Mars, it was revealed evidence that areas of the Red Planet was once submerged. Was "Curjoosta," sent "NASA" to see if the planet appropriate for the life of microorganisms, has fallen, in August / August, the giant low near the Mars equator.

Nigerian woman gives birth to a baby with a man and goat legs

Placed lady born with a Nigerian man and goat legs in a rare case in the state of Jigawa, Nigeria. And as it appears in the picture, the baby carries a human head without the neck, and has legged goat with condemning human cases.

After the duck and a cow .. Dog being raped in Turkey!!

بعد البطة والبقرة.. كلب يتعرض للاغتصاب في تركيا !!

The residents of a neighborhood in Istanbul to collect signatures on a petition to expel a man set while he was raping a dog, the center of media attention for the remarkable and reports on cases of rape animals in Turkey, most recently raped duck and a cow.

British accept the participation of her boyfriend with another man!!

بريطانية تقبل بمشاركة حبيبها مع رجل آخر!!

Most women suffer for the idea to share her boyfriend with another woman, but the British Judy Kradriq, did not consider it a problem, but not even agreed to share her boyfriend with another man.

Saudi subjected to a traffic accident and enters the intensive care unit after receiving the news of the death of his daughter at the hands of the maid - Photos

سعودي يتعرض لحادث مروري ويدخل العناية المركزة بعد تلقيه نبأ مقتل ابنته على يد الخادمة - صور

Asian maid proceeded Wednesday afternoon to commit a heinous crime, killing a child at the age of 4 years in Yanbu, then separate her head from her body, using a sharp object "machete."

In Hong Kong billionaire displays $ 65 million to the man who wins the heart of his daughter's homosexuality!

ملياردير في هونغ كونغ يعرض 65 مليون دولار للرجل الذي يفوز بقلب ابنته المثلية!

Show in Hong Kong billionaire for $ 65 million man who succeeds to win the heart of his daughter gay sex and convince her to marry him after the daughter announced she married her partner for seven years.


Rossi entered the shop gun to steal flowers and roses for his sweetheart!

روسي يقتحم متجر زهور بالسلاح ليسرق وروداً لحبيبته!

Rossi entered the shop gun to steal flowers and roses for his sweetheart!
 Rossi attacked carrying a weapon in his hand a flower shop in Moscow to steal, and Roda made ​​to his lover, the plate was uncovered «Komsomolskaya Pravda» Friday, citing police sources.

Algerian man burn his money and destroy his home and commit suicide by hanging!

ستيني جزائري يحرق أمواله ويهدم بيته وينتحر شنقا!

Older Algerian man committed suicide by hanging by a rope wrapped on his neck inside an abandoned house in the village where he lived.

UAE: Pair accused his ex-wife using his sperm without his consent

الإمارات: زوج يتهم مطلقته باستخدام حيواناته المنوية دون موافقته
The Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal considered in its yesterday issue in which a woman accused absolute falsifying official documents to circumvent the use of her husband's sperm frozen animals in a hospital for vaccination without his consent.


11 billionaires يحذون example of Gates and donate half their wealth

11 new billionaires joined the list of billionaires who will donate half their wealth to charity, and at the request of the founder of the company, "Microsoft" Bill Gates and businessman Warren Buffett.

Bosnian displays "pornographic films" on his campaign Web consolation for voters

بوسني يعرض

The Mirad Haji Ahmtovic, an independent candidate for the office of Mayor of the City of Bosnian Zenatse, introduced pornographic films on his campaign on the Internet, as a kind of consolation to voters who visit yet. As reported by this candidate, the voters during the municipal elections expected in October next will be of a certain segment, especially those who are interested in their children would be able to make love quietly in their homes, instead of hanging out abroad and they smoked hashish as unemployed.

The opening of a school in Spain to teach prostitution!

افتتاح مدرسة في اسبانيا لتعليم الدعارة!
It's a new school and unique, then it is not learn girls account and the like, but also how to sell their bodies. It is the first Spanish school for prostitution have been opened in Valencia, where you pay the student or the student hundred euros for a basic course in professional prostitution and maximum privacy.

French store shopping allows women and men buy! - Photos

متجر فرنسي يتيح للنساء تسوق وشراء الرجال ! - صور

Can now single Frenchwomen who walk around in Parisian markets to return to their homes with a man in their shopping cart!.

Pakistani family demanding repeal the marriage of her daughter on the pretext that the groom .. Woman

عائلة باكستانية تطالب بإبطال زواج إبنتها بحجة أن العريس.. إمرأة
I was surprised Pakistani court when he claimed with a girl married without the consent of her family that the groom is in fact a woman and subjecting students to examine sex determination.
The Pakistani media that the family of "Aisha Pat" filed a complaint before a court in Lahore against her husband "Shahzad Pat" to demand the abolition of marriage after accusing him of kidnapping the girl.

Royal Wedding 2012 Sultan of Brunei celebrates marriage of daughter, 32

Forged Brunei Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, the richest men in the world, the wedding - Fabled than Gala marriage, Crown Prince of Britain - for his daughter, who was married to the groom بنجيران Haj Mohammed, on Thursday at the Brunei Sultan Palace component of 1700 rooms.

Turkish man arrested on charges of raping a neighbor's cow!

اعتقال ثمانيني تركي بتهمة اغتصاب بقرة جاره!
Police arrested in the state of Konya Turkish man at the age of eighty attempted to rape his neighbor's cow.   The newspaper "Hurriyet", Turkish attempt took place yesterday evening,


Wash your car 9 times in Malaysia and get ..Free sex!!

إغسل سيارتك 9 مرّات في ماليزيا واحصل على.. جنس مجاني!!

Malaysian company contracted to the car wash with a massage center, to make an offer is unique, a free sex to the customer who washes his car 9 times.
The Malaysian media that the car wash company has stopped working last Monday night after police raided a massage center in the area Sanwaa Mntara, which lies 15 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur.


Rats devour seven infants House orphanage in Algeria

House shaken children paramedics Municipality Biar, Algiers, on the impact of the incident in terms of caliber oldest rat tampering seven infants as young as one and a half months and brutal manner, through Edhm in different parts of the body, and especially to the face and neck.

Steal a car of the Republican Guard in front of the home of Egyptian President

سرقة سيارة للحرس الجمهوري من أمام منزل الرئيس المصري

Intensify the eastern province of Investigation "45 km northeast of Cairo" efforts; to adjust the perpetrators caught stealing a car guard belonged to the Republican Guard, while they are outside the house of the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi in Zagazig, the capital of the province.

American woman marries suspected of killing their daughter to get the evidence!

سيدة أمريكية تتزوج المشتبه بقتل ابنتها لتحصل على الأدلة!

To get more details about the fate of her daughter, who disappeared in June of last year, I decided an American woman to marry suspected of killing her daughter perhaps get more details about its fate.

Young man entered the palace Brazil President Lee asked to marry her!

شاب يقتحم قصر رئيسة البرزيل ليطلب الزواج منها !

Brazilian police arrested a young man as he tried to storm the palace President Dilma Rousseff on the pretext that he loves her and wants to marry her.


Killed his girlfriend because she never got infected with "AIDS" by establishing a relationship with him

قتل صديقته لأنها لم تخبره بإصابتها بـ

Said neighbor victim to Latoya Arnett who contacted the police: «All I know is that they do not deserve it, and that her two children do not deserve to see their mother in this image», said «It was a good mother, has loved her children very, I can not imagine my kids and they see me this way , realize that it will hurt them.
Police sources say that Dan cooperate with them significantly during the investigation. The man admitted during a taped interview to the crime, and revealed that he has burned his clothes after the crime, and gave tranquility in a garbage dump. The police managed later restored.
 Man admitted that he killed his girlfriend stabbed to death, because they did not recognize him as being infected with AIDS by establishing a relationship with him. Said Larry Dunn, 36, for men after police discovered the body of girlfriend Cecily Bolden, 28 years old, by her two children after they returned from school: «We have killed me, and for this you kill her.

Israel make a formal request to Egypt to buy 100 A "donkey"!

إسرائيل تتقدم بطلب رسمي إلى مصر لشراء 100 ألف

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Zaher Fahmy, Professor of Veterinary Medicine, Israel sent a formal request to Egypt, several weeks ago, requesting the import of 100 thousand donkey to use the skin in some scientific research on cancer.

Missing tourist involved in the search for herself next to the police!

سائحة مفقودة تشارك في عمليات البحث عن نفسها بجانب الشرطة!
Participated lady was not aware of that have been reported as a missing person in the search by the end of this week in Iceland, where he was reported to the authorities that the woman, which did not disclose the identity, missing on 26 of August / August during a trip to a major tourist attractions in the country.


Video .. The only animal that does not die!

قنديل البحر من فصيلة توريتوبسيس (2)
May seem idea legendary suitable for a science fiction movies, but there are already being real scientists have discovered that it does not die, and his name is Turritopsis nutricula, or so-called "EFCT," Scientists have warned of invasion silent for this object, which started breeding alarmingly in some areas , and the problem is that it feeds on fish eggs, which could severely affect fisheries in the world in the future, according to newspaper reports. 

Saudi accept pairing fiance on the condition that he marry her three friends

سعودية تقبل الاقتران بخطيبها بشرط أن يتزوج صديقاتها الثلاث

Stipulated teacher is willing to marry her fiance Advanced her to marry her three friends at school that operates at one time, or shall be disregarded and not marry her.

Russian teenager trying to rob a bank to spend money on a suicide!

مراهقة روسية تحاول سرقة مصرف لتنفق المال على انتحارها !

Russian teenager tried to rob bank to spend money on travel from her hometown, and thereafter to commit suicide, according to the news agency quoted Russian "RIA Novosti" Russian Bureau of Investigation, which published some of the confessions girl after her arrest.

Arab prison claimed he was Jewish To fuck with Israeli

سجن عربي ادعى أنه يهودي ليمارس الجنس مع إسرائيلية
Issued by an Israeli court sentenced Arabic charges claiming Jewish to fuck with Israeli newspapers said an Israeli, the Palestinian Saber Qachur, 30, pleaded guilty in a deal with prosecutors, admitting that he concealed his true identity when he met a young Israeli in September / September 2008,claiming that he was Jewish bachelor, in Arabic while he is married. According to the newspaper "Haaretz," the young Israeli lodged a complaint to the police on charges of rape and indecent assault after he discovered the man's true identity.


Music teacher in Switzerland infects his students with HIV

Swiss music teacher accused injured 16 people, mostly students, HIV after he told them that he processor and is capable of injecting a substance will open to them, "third eye."

Indian sells her three daughters for "2 pounds"!

هندية تبيع بناتها الثلاث مقابل

Woman sold Indian state of West Bengal (eastern India), her three daughters for 185 rupees (£ 2) when chased her drunken husband out of the house.

Algeria cut off his penis in his wedding night!

جزائري يقطع عضوه الذكري في ليلة زفافه!

The Algerian young man in one of the western cities Algerian amputated Member wedding night, to convey directly to a hospital in a very critical situation, according to the newspaper "delegation" Egyptian.

Condemnation boy crime "murder on Facebook"

Sky News

Dutch boy was sentenced to a 15-year-old was sentenced to a year in juvenile detention on Monday for stabbing a girl to death, state media said that posts the girl on the social networking site "Facebook" led to her murder.


U.S. kills himself by mistake during his commentary on the way to commit suicide

U.S. man died in South Carolina after that fired bullets on the head by mistake as stated in the official statement to the state police.

Cambodia arrests founder of the site "Pirate Bay" famous Swedish file-sharing

Cambodian police announced the arrest of Gottfried Svarzlm empty one of the founders of the famous Swedish site for file sharing "Pirate Bay" or "Pirate Bay" in Cambodia.

Investigations reveal that the death of the son of Representative "Sylvester Stallone" caused by heart attack

Authorities announced in Los Angeles that the cause of the death of the son of actor Sylvester Stallone, Saga aged 36 years, was the result of a heart attack and not because of drugs.

Russian posted a video of an intimate relationship with her ​​boyfriend on the Internet to force him to marry her!

روسية تنشر شريطا مصورا لعلاقة حميمة مع صديقها على الإنترنت لإجباره على الزواج منها!
It seems that some women do not hesitate to do anything to get his way, was a woman Ttarstanah publish a video of her intimate relationship with her ​​boyfriend on the Internet in order to force him to marry her.

U.S. man complains "prostitute" to the police because they raised the pricing!

أمريكي يشتكي
Man filed a complaint to the police station in southeastern Mich. against a woman claiming he had agreed with her at a certain price for sex with him, but they decided to raise the "pricing" unexpectedly.

American woman arrested four times in 26 hours!

اعتقال امرأة أمريكية أربع مرات فى 26 ساعة!

No one knows what made Joyce Kofi the U.S. state of New Hampshire operates loud music after each arrest and then throwing one of their loved ones by frying pan detained her again.


Chinese itself can be sent by mail to his lover .. Faisal on the last gasp


Romantic surprise that almost turned into a terrible tragedy after nearing Chinese to death when he sent himself in a box mailed to his lover.

According to the newspaper "The Sun" British Singh, from southern China, almost suffocate and die after himself sent an email to the office of his lover in a closed box completely lost in the post office for 3 hours.

She explained that when he arrived to address Fund, opened beloved Lee Wang stuns seeing her boyfriend unconscious and contacted rescuers to revive.

Singh said, "I did not know that it will take a long time and tried to puncture fund but it was thick as I did not want to spoil the surprise Besrakhi for help."

British prison in the first eighty years old for the rape of a teenager in 1978


A British court on Friday sentenced to seven years in jail right man in the first eighty years of age, after he was convicted of raping a teenage girl 34 years ago.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that Edward Obi admitted before the court of raping a 17-year-old girl was suffering since childhood mental retardation and difficulty in education.

She added that the court heard that the girl became pregnant after rape and gave birth to a child, but was forced to drop him and give him up for adoption.

The (BBC) that Obi denied responsibility for the other 11 charges related to sexual abuse during the period between 1960 and 1988 before the court, which also ordered the inclusion of his name for life in the register of sex offenders.

American man accused of sexually assaulting a woman sleeping plane


Attorney General's Office said the partial U.S. authorities and charged with sexual assault of a man from the state of New Jersey, is suspected of having "attacked the woman, while she was sleeping on a plane."

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