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Ten of the most influential stories and stir published by "Wikileaks"

عشرة من أكثر القصص تأثيراً وضجة التي نشرها

Within two years, is the period of the existence of the site "Wikileaks" position became open the eyes of people who want to know what is going on behind the scenes of international politics and here a list of the most exciting documents published "Wikileaks".


Briton becomes first man to visit all countries in the world by land

Briton became the first person to visit every country in the world in a journey that took nearly four years, and it ended officially this week visited South Sudan, according to the newspaper (Daily Mirror) British.

Trial Moroccan hotel manager raping children, donkeys and dogs!

محاكمة مدير فندق مغربي اغتصب الأطفال والحمير والكلاب!

Consider the Court of First Instance in Marrakech on Friday in a former general manager of a high-end hotels in Palm after a sex scandal raised against him.
The trial comes after an international warrant was issued against Patrick Dawes Fenech concerning the sexual exploitation of children villa inhabited was drawn where children, in addition to his obsession with having sex with animals, especially donkeys and dogs.


The couple make Brenda and Gary Zelda from their cafe "a place intended thanks to this exciting idea.

Egyptian usurp student preparatory because she refused to marry him

مصري يغتصب طالبة بالإعدادي لأنها رفضت الزواج منه

Strip student at the Institute of Languages​​, Ain Shams area in Cairo feelings of humanity when he was kidnapped third preparatory grader, and raped her with the help of his friend, and in retaliation after they refused to marry him for his misconduct.

Belgian demanding divorce after he learned that his wife was born a male!

بلجيكي يطالب بالطلاق بعد أن علم أن زوجته وُلدت ذكراً!

Belgian man demanded annul his marriage, which lasted 19 years after he learned that his wife was born a male. He said «John» who did not disclose his last name to the newspaper «Heat Naozbilad» Belgian: «I feel like I have been assaulted» after discovering past my wife, and said «It was a lady attractive as any woman

Killing Miss Mexico during shooting

Male (CNN) that Miss Mexico for the current year, Maria Susana Flores Games, 20 years was killed in an exchange of fire between elements of the Mexican army and criminal elements north of Mexico.


Founder of "Wikileaks": Google identifies you more than your mother

مؤسس موقع

Launched the founder of the site "and" Julian Assange book under the title "Cypherpunk" (encrypted is important) when talking about the secrets of control companies and governments in the world. The book is a dialogue took place between Assange and some friends about the follow-up and prosecution and data protection and the protection of property rights and civil and security policy and other areas.

German fined usurpers of animals

ألمانيا تغرم مغتصبي الحيوانات

German parliament prepares to discuss the re-activation of a law prohibiting sex with animals after the cancellation of the country's constitution in 1969 and the decision comes as the German government to prevent the phenomenon of pimping on animals, which rose frightening proportions over the past years.


Video: Seconds elderly Palestinian survival .. Of a devastating Israeli missile

Survived an elderly Palestinian escaping death in the bombing, which targeted a police station a few days ago during the Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip.

Japanese student arrested on charges of Love

القبض على طالب ياباني بتهمة الحب

Japanese police arrested a young man university at the age of 19 years due to send more than 1000 email to his colleague demanding to become his lover.

Release of a thief because British prison expensive!

الإفراج عن لصة بريطانية لأن سجنها مكلف!

British court judge ruled the release of the woman in the fifty years of age accused of stealing home of her former lover, on the pretext that her incarceration would be more costly to the state treasury.

Lover sea from Turkey to Britain 8 months to ask for her hand ..Considered crazy!

Turkish man sailed for eight months categorically 2,500 miles at sea from Turkey to Britain to climb to his lover that has informed the police, and was arrested.

The site said "Russia Today" The British Courtney Murray possessed the heart of the Turkish Ramadan Noyan Ghuloom (38 years) when they offered him coffee in a restaurant during vacations in Cyprus.


The world's longest marriage


In an age many marriages which do not last only for a few years, come to us Young extended relationship between the two to 87 years .. And still are.

Dubai: three-month prison sentence for British and Irish commit obscene act

Emirati court on Thursday sentenced a British woman and an Irish man three months and then deported to convicted sex in a taxi in Dubai, as quoted by the agency "Reuters".

Cat wings .. In China or Wonderland!!

قطة بجناحين.. في الصين أم العجائب!!

Believe it or not, fame famous cat in China, one billion and 300 million people, and is owned by a Chinese woman .. Where he appeared on the back of this cat wings 10 cm long, and are a bone covered with hair, cat can not control them.

Brazilian player embarrass her team to appear nude in a magazine


Put Mariana Andrade Costa, the Brazilian national team player volleyball herself and her team in an embarrassing situation when she appeared naked on the pages of the Brazilian version of the magazine "Playboy" famous.


Swedish accused of having sex with a skeleton!

جعل الصورة غير مؤرخة من الشرطة التحقيق المتاحة يوم 20 نوفمبر، 2012، مما يدل على جمجمة بشرية في سرير في الشقة لامرأة عمرها 37 عاما في جوتنبرج، السويد جنوب

Swedish prosecutor said he was indicted for a woman to commit sexual acts in breach with skeleton and punishable by up to jail for disturbing the peace of the dead.
Coincidentally, police found a complete skeleton, skulls and box full of other pieces of bone when I went to inspect the communication for the shooting of her apartment in the city of Gothenburg.

Ban nudity in the city protesters took off their clothes

Did not live up to the protesters in the city of San Francisco, California, USA, the authorities' decision to ban nudity in the city Its public to express resentment at the disposal of their clothes in front of government headquarters.

Arrested a man on suspicion of stealing personal data for two-thirds of the population of Greece

Officials in Athens on Tuesday that police arrested a man on suspicion of stealing personal data for almost two thirds of the country's population.


Pictures and video: Minister and Knesset member lying on the ground .. To hide from the rockets of the resistance

Israeli Channel Ten broadcast, through an open wave, scenes of flight and Israeli Minister of Environmental Protection, "" panic along one of the walls in the city of Be'er Sheva, after hearing the voice of sirens to hide from Palestinian rockets.

Lebanese security man leaving a naked girl on the banks of the river

رجل امن لبناني يترك فتاة عارية على ضفاف النهر

Leave a Lebanese security man working an investigation Lebanese girl "e. D" (20 years), were with him and after that drank reduce Lees, left naked on the banks of the Awali River in Sidon, southern Lebanon ...

Kittens watching tennis - Video

قطتان صغيرتان تشاهدا مباراة للتنس بحماسة كبيرة - فيديو
In video Tarif shows cats small see tennis match where it is known that what distinguishes tennis matches is the speed in performance, therefore appeared that performance on the face of cats, which were headed for quickly with direction play more the play at the top looked cats to the top together, and whenever playing in the bottom considered a trend down together in the footage funny and exciting and funny.

Viper free calls capable of spying and GPS!

News reports revealed that the "Viper", which provides contact and communicate with others for free through telephone calls, video and text messaging has the ability to read all the names and messages in the phone book, even those that are not within the program.
Reports indicated that the program, which exceeded the number of users 100 million users around the world, has the authority to determine the user's location geographical, personal accounts and record audio, images and video recording and can access all files on the phone and read the settings and even programs used on smart phones which makes data users vulnerable to abuse.


Sources: 65 dead victims of Gaza, half of them women and children

Health Minister in the movement Hamas useful Mukhalalati, the death toll in Gaza since Israel launched its offensive on Wednesday, reached 65 people, half of them women and children, were killed while more than 560 people.

Italian woman married before 3 hours of her death!

إيطالية تتزوج قبل 3 ساعات من موتها!

Married woman in the hospital in Palermo, Italy before to provide it away after 3 hours.

Charlotte Afgooye (32 years) from the Republic of Benin married MIMO to Ucciza (37 years) in a hospital in Palermo, Italy, where struggling with serious illness.

Video: Request marriage on the air of a broadcaster

بالفيديو: طلب زواج على الهواء مباشرة من مذيعة

Boycotted lover newscast air to apply to marry presenter and was amazed by the situation and was her reply acceptance in a very strange scene.


Imprisoned in exile - Kuwait

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Sewer pipes .. Shelters for Israelis

Forced rockets fired by Palestinian resistance factions on towns in southern Israel, dozens of Israelis to hide in concrete sewer pipes, hastily deployed in open areas.

Video .. Screaming and crying Israeli army recruits of the resistance missiles

Video clip revealed panic of Israeli soldiers from Palestinian resistance missiles, where the Israeli army recruits appears they weep and cry out panic because of the sound of sirens after the fall of the Palestinian resistance missiles, revealing the extent of the horror experienced by the Israeli occupation army soldiers from the confrontation with the Palestinians.

British back to life after the announcement of his death twice

Enables medical team consisting of 34 people - with God's help - to save the life British "Lewis Qodfrey", 23 years after nearly dying under the wheels of a large truck weighing 15 tons, while pay held offshore are some people who fight with them in the street, causing him in serious injuries.

Young man find its twin in the form of the sixteenth century

شاب يجد توأمه في صورة من القرن السادس عشر
Found a young man from the city (Philadelphia) in the state (Pennsylvania) American twin Finally panel of the sixteenth century.


Video: White whale Nadhir for the novel "Moby Dick" .. shows off the coast of Norway

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Traveled Danny Popcorn 32 years old, an engineer in the Marine Sciences on a ship Bambasslbard nearly Norwegian Coastal while hinted flashing white appears and disappears and Ronevi waves caused by a group of Alhtan blue Mahdodbh afternoon, and by virtue of his experience did not hesitate to bring his camera and positioning at the forefront of the ship capture the best images,did not imagine Danny he will be a witness to the presence of the White whale, who said U.S. writer "Halmn Malval" in his novel about "Moby Dick" White whale.

Found an encrypted message from World War in the structure «Zajil»

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After half a century of World War II found British warship encrypted message in the skeletal remains of a bird homers.

Life imprisonment for raping student journalist

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Punished Criminal Court in Dubai, yesterday, the student (P. P - ‬ 24 years), from the Gulf state, life imprisonment after being convicted of kidnapping and extortion victim (p. A.. Q), journalist, aged ‬ 28 years, and raped her.

Facebook founder spends Christmas vacation in a country that prohibits the use of its

مؤسس موقع فيسبوك يقضي إجازة عيد الميلاد في بلد يحظر استخدام موقعه

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Agencies - despite the fact that communist Vietnam to countries that prohibit the use of Facebook, but it occurred a strange paradox, he chose Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg this country for Christmas vacation.


Indecent assault minor daughter and fathered her two children

هتك عرض ابنته القاصر وأنجب منها طفلين

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Kenyan police have arrested the parents of the tenth daughter and fathered her two children and in town Kasangana, where will be presented before the court in Malindi to be tried on charges of incest and indecent assault, according to Standard Media.
The claim that the man tenth daughter is 16 years old today and caused her pregnancy twice. The representative of the prosecution said Joyce Landau they learned of the incident through a church mission in the region.

Video .. plane out of the runway and crashed on a highway

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I picked up a police camera Brazilian plane crash moment on landing near one of the main roads in the city of Sao Paulo.

Thief returns money to the victim after he learned afflicted with cancer

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The thief in one of the streets of Tehran stealing handbag containing the equivalent of three thousand dollars of Iranian currency of a passer-by, to teach after examining the contents that the victim has cancer and he was on his way to a hospital for treatment.

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