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British policeman jailed for exercising sex with a woman asked for help!

سجن شرطي بريطاني لممارسته الجنس مع امرأة طلبت النجدة!
A British court sentenced a police officer for two years, the practice of sex with a drunkwoman asked for help to assist in the delivery to her home.

The newspaper "Daily Star" The Peter J. "38 years", with the rank of sergeant andmarried father of two children and works in the police in the city of Manchester, was senton patrol with policemen others to respond to call a woman drunk asked for help to assist in the delivery to her home.
She added that the police officers left the Sergeant Peter restores women aged 46 years to her home, where her later engaged in sexual act.
The newspaper pointed out that the police officer admitted to the Crown Court in Manchester that he abused the behavior in public office, and sentenced him to prison for two years, while the city's police dismiss him from work.


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