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The 27 deaths and the loss of hundreds of wedding and the bride in Afghanistan the only survivor

وفاة 27 شخصا وفقدان المئات بحفل زفاف بأفغانستان والعروس الوحيدة الناجية
A government spokesman announced that the flooding caused by torrential rains, killed27 people at least, at a wedding party in northern Afghanistan, while hundreds lost ortrapped under the mud.

The official said the floods swept through three villages, at least, in the province of SariSancharak Paul.

He said, "Abdul unique Varangi" a spokesman for the provincial governor, said thatrescue teams recovered 27 bodies from the wedding.
He added that the bride is the only one that remained alive.
He pointed out that the rescue operation continued to search for the missing.
Faranjy said that about 300 people still missing or trapped under the mud.


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