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Thieves steal 800-year-old tree from a public park in Canada!

لصوص يسرقون شجرة عمرها 800 عام من حديقة عامّة في كندا!
Thieves stole a Canadian cedar tree with a 800-year-old from a public park in the south-west of Vancouver Island and British Columbia in Canada.

Group said, "The Wilderness Comita" she told the Canadian environmental authorities responsible for the loss of the tree from the garden "and Bran Carmna Brovinchal Park",but the latter responded by saying that the opportunity to find slim.
The Group noted that the lack of team work in the garden easy to steal a tree 800 years-old. The team noted the work in the garden last week, the loss of the tree, but you do nothave enough evidence, despite the presence of the effects of truck wheels.


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