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Jordanian citizen receives a bill for electricity to 73 thousand dollars

مواطن أردني يتلقى فاتورة كهرباء بـ73 ألف دولار
Surprised by the value of a Jordanian national electricity bill "fantasy" to his home inAmman, "Jabal Ali", has been received for the month of March, with $ 52,196 dinars(equivalent to 73.200 thousand U.S. dollars).

In the face of the invoice value of the shock, rushed the citizen to review the electricity company to receive another shock, according to the saying, the company's position wasthat he "pay and then review," according to the newspaper "the Constitution".
He asked the citizens for such a situation objectively with the fact that the amount is sohuge. He says his bill: Is it possible by virtue of logic to consume the apartment was heldwhere such value of up to nearly factory invoice?
He adds that if he lit his house day and night with all its contents and electric organs, it is not reasonable that the bill up to that value high.
, The bill came, including strange paradoxes, in addition to its great value, the details ofthe bill took a lot of question marks, so that the value of waste according to the invoicefee of 1452 dinars.


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