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Kuwait: military "raping" a Filipina inside a car for help!!

الكويت: عسكريان
In a dangerous precedent, in the rescue of kidnapped two military Jahra importedFilipina she rode in a taxi with her boyfriend in their argument that it is contrary to the law of residence.

The two officers went to «catch the precious» after forced her to ride the patrol car to a dirt yard where the rotation in the patrol car, and after that completed their «their mission» to set off the water pump in Jahra, where they unleashed there.

The victim went after it came under the attack to North Jahra Police Station and registered the case and presented to the men and the police station description and number of periodic aggressor.

Security Director Major General Ibrahim Al-Jahra Tarrah Stung by what has happenedvery quickly to make contacts and periodic checks on number reported by the victim and found out that the figure is due to a vehicle of the patrol.

And activating the follow-up led by General Tarrah offenders turned out they had left their patrol and Twaryan attention and a decision was caught and prevented from traveling.


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