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U.S. agent prevents a woman from traveling because of the excess weight!

موظف أمريكي يمنع إمرأة من السفر بسبب وزنها الزائد!
Kinley Tigaiman raised U.S. lawsuit against a company "Sawthust Airlines" to flybecause of the refusal to allow its employees once again have to board the planebecause of the excess weight. 

The name appeared Tigaiman (31 years) residing in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana,in the titles of U.S. newspapers, for the first time in the spring of last year when he did not allow an employee company "Sawthust Airlines" for Kinley and her mother to enterthe plane, but if pushed women price of another ticket because Badantha. Kinley andrepeated the story with this company last November, despite the fact that women have been able to reduce the weight of 55 kg weighing up to 130 kg.

After these two events, which traces a storm in the community made ​​the airline a formal apology to Mrs. Tigaiman. Since then, independent women planes this company morethan once, but this time they found the employee did not abandon the obstinate stanceof the weight.

Tigaiman he said the company had to raise the issue of excess weight when you buy the ticket, and not before boarding an aircraft. Also considered women's rate ofself-indication of the weight of the traveler.

For its part, rejected the language as "Sawthust Airlines" Tigaiman attempts toprosecute the company, noting that the rules of use of services of the companypublished on its website.


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