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«Desperate Women» with a final stop

نساء يائسات يبلغ محطته الأخيرة
Presented yesterday the final episode of the series American «Desperate Women»(Dsebret Housewives) after continuing for 8 consecutive seasons on the screen «ABC»American.

The Web site (PeopleSoft) that the U.S. series «Desperate Women» reached the finalepisode after 8 seasons filled the positions of the sad and joyful.

And crossed heroines serial hair after 8 years of the show expressed Teri Hatcher is grateful for the performance of the role of «Susan Mayer», according to Felicity Huffmanthings that Sfqdha at every one of her colleagues as announced Marcia Cross on thenext steps after the show and praised Eva Longoria the success achieved.

The «Desperate women», directed by Marc Cherry opened in 2004 and achieved ahigh number of viewers reached 21.6 million viewers in its infancy and went to the 30 million his first season.

Serial and occupied the first rank among American TV but many reluctant to see it inrecent seasons because they considered that the events are repeated and no longerhave the ideas, considering it was supposed to be completed earlier.


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