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Stop the auction for the sale of a blood sample for the late U.S. President Reagan

ReutersSaid company (me. F. C) British auction canceled Thursday it asked what sheflask with a sample of the blood of the late U.S. President Ronald Reagan for saleat auction and that the owner will donate the bottle by the Reagan Foundation. The company said in a statement: "We negotiated with the person who sent the orderto withdraw the article from the auction and donated to the Ronald ReaganPresidential Foundation."


The stop selling the bottle after House expressed its outrage at the auction earlier this week. It is alleged that the vial containing the blood sample taken fromReagan in the hospital when he was treated after the assassination attempt in1981. Said John Haobosch CEO of Ronald Reagan's presidential "We are very pleased with this result," said the auctioneers based in the island of JeszenzaBalguenal England The owner of the bottle purchased at an auction in the United States in February compared to 3550 dollars, and offers to buy, amounted to30,086 dollars before stopping the auction the latter.

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