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Algeria holds his ailing wife on his shoulders since 5 years!

جزائري يحمل زوجته المريضة على كتفيه منذ 5 سنوات!
Algerian husband carries his wife on his shoulder day and night, five years ago, after she suddenly paralyzed full live motion.
According to the newspaper "Sunrise" Algeria: The sound Rkhruch, 40, guard school in Eulma, married since 1996, and has a son, have lived a happy life, in a room school where he worked, but in 2007, his wife was paralyzed completely, following the the death of her parents within 20 days, it lost the ability to move and speak.

The paper adds: that since that time he became the husband is the person who is caring for his wife, he was up early to attend the breakfast for his wife and son, and goes to work and then return an hour later, to clean the house and then bring the food, and feed his wife with his hand because they can not carry a spoon and then give her medication , sitting on the bed using pillows, and keep calling and return to work between the hours and the other, the husband wakes up at night more than four times of heartfelt side to side, and sometimes say Slim: pity to find her bear the pain does not wake me up.
According to the paper: the husband has abandoned the world to take care of his wife, to the point that he lived under siege in a world of tight does not know it except his wife and the room and his son, Sufyan, who caught his mother, once Mnzhoya weeping bitterly, and when I asked him why he told me to when we are on this case and why does not help us one? I ask you, my father dealt with in order to become like other mothers, we become just like any other people.


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