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New year .. Celebrations and promises
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Welcome the new year celebrations and fireworks in several cities in the world (the island)
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Received the world's new year celebrations with more public and official speeches and promises for the future. And fireworks in several cities of the Middle East and the West to celebrate the New Year.
In Iraq, the Iraqi government announced lifting of the state curfew in the capital Baghdad for the first time since 2003 to celebrate the new year, while the promised French President Nicolas Sarkozy to bring the economy's state of inertia, also urged the Vatican religious community to the practice of "enthusiastic missionary new."
The Iraqi government announced after midnight on Saturday to the case of a curfew in the city of Baghdad for the first time since 2003 to make way for Iraqi citizens to celebrate the New Year 2012.
For the first time saw the launch of the Baghdad sky fireworks are accompanied by heavy out of Iraqis in the streets of Baghdad, in an unfamiliar landscape in this country ravaged by the attacks and explosions since 2003.
French reformsIn France, the president promised in a speech on the occasion of New Year's to find new ways to the French economy out of the deadlock in the last four months remaining before the presidential election, and also vowed not to make further cuts in public spending.
He said he was determined to agree to reforms in the January 18 meeting with the unions, that will support job creation and economic competitiveness.
Pope of the VaticanIn a sermon called for the end of the Vatican Pope Benedict XVI to rediscover the faith, and urged the religious community to exercise the "new missionary zeal" in 2012.
Benedict said the new generation who feel especially by confusion and uncertainty due to the financial crisis and the crisis of values, the Church played a pivotal role in giving meaning to their lives. He criticized the Pope's "ideological apathy" in Europe.

FireworksAnd fireworks filled the skies of the world from east to west. Has received the city of Dubai in United Arab Emirates offer a great New Year's fireworks.
And display systems on the Burj Dubai the tallest building in the world. And continued to offer a thousand people from Dubai residents and visitors to ten minutes.
It also marked the beginning of the year the British capital the new beats that time, the famous Big Ben. The ceremony of fireworks on what is known into London on the River Iiames which is one of the most important features of the city as well. The organization became a concert fireworks display waiting for the residents of London's population as other cities around the world each year.
In the German capital Berlin, hundreds of thousands of people to welcome the new year at the famous Brandenburg Gate in that city.
The mild weather has helped thousands of people out to the street with a length of two kilometers Prepare in the center of the city for the celebrations, which was established three platforms to host concerts and special fireworks.
In Sydney, received the New Year revelers in 2012 launched a large number of fireworks, and took more than 1.5 million spectators places at one of the most famous ports in the world to see the finest and most expensive fireworks in the world.
And joined the Chinese capital Beijing to the New Year celebrations for the first time the review was characterized by luxury digital lights on Temple Haven, emperors who used to pray for a good harvest.
But unlike Western cities, Beijing has not received the celebrations View only by a few thousand, and this is due to the garden surrounding the temple were not big enough.

Source: Agencies

Killed 2 in an attack on two bars, Kenya
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The effects of the explosion of a bomb a bar in the Kenyan capital Nairobi in October / November last (European - Archive)                                                                                     
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At least two people were killed and wounded 28 others including security men shot dead by gunmen on Sunday attacked two bars in the north-eastern Kenya.

A witness said the Kenyan police said two people were killed when gunmen sprayed people who were celebrating the New Year in two bars in the north east of the country, in the latest wave of attacks near the border with Somalia.

The worker in one of the Alhantin in the town of Garissa, gunmen arrived in a car and opened fire on Alhantin then set off on the run.

The witness stated that "these men opened fire on the guard at first, and then fired more shots at those who were trying to leave, as well as persons who were present at the entrance."
It is noteworthy that 14 people were injured in the October / November after exposure bar middle of the Kenyan capital Nairobi for a grenade attack. The police accused the Kenyan Somali Mujahidin Youth Movement carrying out the attack was launched after threats following the post Kenyan troops in attacks on sites of movement in Somalia.

Troops crossed the Kenyan border into Somalia in October / November to attack by the Mujahideen Youth Movement Kenya receive blamed for kidnappings and attacks across the border into its territory. But the group denies responsibility for the abductions and vowed to refund a large Kenya.

Source: Reuters
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Penetrate a special site for the analysis of information
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Deployment of infiltrators linked to the online group calling itself "Anonymous" hundreds of thousands of email addresses belonging to the participants in the company Strategic Forcastenj own analysis of information and thousands of credit card numbers of customers.

Included lists published on the Internet information on individuals, including Dan Quayle - Former U.S. Vice President - and former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, former director of the CIA Jim Woolsey, could not be reached for comment to any of them.

The lists also included information on large numbers of individuals working in large companies and the U.S. military, and senior defense contractors, an attacker could exploit the targeted e-mail messages carrying viruses to steal data.

The wing of a group called Antesic unknown days before he broke through the company, known widely as Stratfor, is described as a confidential basis for the CIA because it collects information that is confidential for international crises.

A spokesman for the group in a comment on Twitter that the e-mails stolen from the company will show that "Stratfor is not a company harmless as trying to portray itself."

Antesic did not say when the e-mails will be published, but security analysts say it may contain information that will embarrass the U.S. government.

In turn, the company reached its customers that it has suspended its services and e-mail on the pretext that their knowledge was piracy, stressing its commitment to the security of customers information.
She said in an email that they think that the names of its clients published on other sites and pledged serious investigation to make sure of how much information was stolen and legally pursue the perpetrators.

Source: Agencies

Thousands of British soldiers living on the streets
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Image by Center for Jewish History, NYC via Flickr

Lives of thousands of British soldiers - including soldiers just returning from service in Afghanistan - in the streets after the demobilization of the army, according to an investigation published Friday in Britain, conducted by the newspaper "The Sun" British.
The inquiry found that there is an army of soldiers, "displaced persons" living in huts and near railway lines and some using military skills to live in the woods.
The investigation that up to one third of displaced persons in Britain who suffer to face the bitter winter nights Maybe they are former soldiers, in which he disclosed at the time revealed that the British Ministry of Defence has eight thousand empty apartment, which is spending 54 million pounds sterling annually.
The soldiers displaced to all sections of the British army, including a former soldier who served in the cavalry and was discharged last year after being shot five times in Afghanistan by Taliban fighters.
The investigation indicated that this soldier is now struggling to get medical help for symptoms of post-traumatic stress suffered by them, have ended up in a house for the homeless where thieves stole the medals won by the courage with which to sell for scrap.
Quoted, "Sun" for leading the former British special forces Hemes Ken - who runs a charity to help ex-soldiers to build their homes - saying that the number of ex-soldiers who sleep in the open is shocking.

Source: UPI

"NASA explore the unknown of the Moon
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Upon the arrival of two devices to a distance of 55 km from the surface of the moon Sabtianor speed up depending on gravity (European - Archive)

Up robot device launched by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)to the Moon within hours, to resolve the ambiguity of a long-standing Version Email on the moon.

And launched two devices which they called the "Graal", with an estimated weigh 303 kgto the moon since they were sent in September / September last, two of the industryrecovery unit gravity and laboratory procedure in the "NASA".

It is scheduled to begin "Graal any" maneuver takes 40 minutes to put himself in an orbitaround the moon at exactly at 21:21 GMT, Saturdayand the "Graal me" the same job after five and twenty hours. The devices are required for the task of mapping the gravity starts in March / March.

Once the two devices up to a distance of 55 km from the surface of the moon Christleghanon one line and Slow or speed up depending on gravity. By measuring changes in distance between the two devices, scientists can prepare a map of the gravity on the moon.

And changes in speed will be very precise, such as part of a micron per second andmicron widths almost red blood cell.

The data will be used in the work of a model of the inner part of the moon which is the main part of the information still missing, despite the launch of a hundred earlier mission to the moon.

Source: Reuters

"Get It" revolution .. Iceberg images and feelings
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Antoine Gokey - Paris

The wake of demonstrations that swept cities in Tunisia last January, formed a group ofphotographers Tunisians under the slogan "go" and was behind the photo exhibition is important to move between cities in different European and disclosed to the audiencepictures are, in fact, documents or certificates of the first revolution of Tunisia.

It is the crucible of this project was born the idea of ​​the book "Go It is a revolution," which was released recently by Dar "Vibus" - Paris, brings together the work of ninephotographers belonging to the group in question, and the top of these images ChhadtanKhtitan, first novelist Tunisian Lafrakovnah Colette Fellous and the second of its nationalpoet and university professor Abdel-Wahab polite.

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Moments are rareAnd perpetuate the image of those rare and glorious moments in the history of the Tunisian people, who, Bathadeh peaceful resistance and the expulsion of the Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and the re have the ability and freedom. But their value is also formed in accordance with a fighting within itself the various activities undertaken by the Tunisian revolution, more than just a testament to what happened.
The catchers out these pictures first to the streets to express their anger, like the rest of the Tunisians. In this revolution fever and joint responsibility, grabbed Pkamirathm and performed their mission, They formed the eyes of the masses and her heart and her memory, which often display different risks Kaltoukev, beatings and the confiscation of their films.
Perhaps the best comment on the content of these images, which occupies some two pages inside the book is the text of the novelist Colette Fellous, who says it: "The actual hands raised during the demonstrations and present most of the photos in a strange dance of a sudden, it could be threatened, but thin."
Elsewhere in the text says, "has become a series of pictures of this for me, the film of choice for the revolution a great unparalleled, we have stopped waiting, but she was living dreams of each and every one of us for years, fail within our hearts silently so as not to unfold the same. Censorship know necrosis of ideas and the most intimate diners and eliminate them. "
Film (a group photo) says money images without specific scenario, it has been invented at every moment with love and intuition, determination and surprise, scene after scene, the police were chasing demonstrators even inside buildings, in front of tear gas, or in front of the flag of Tunisia, who suddenly to dress, and to shield or shroud.
Surprising and revolutionary photographerThe money that the "seed of days in January and February are installed at all in these pictures, in gatherings of men and women in front of the Ministry of the Interior or in the courtyard of the Kasbah, with songs and laughter and debates of the day and night, with the votes of all the young men and women who came from Sidi Bouzid and villages remote and prepares us to be heard from. "
These voices and faces become a part of the country's history, but we were influenced by these images Vtvsrh money "Bolfah photographers intimate with the material which emotion they've shot over the minutes."
The photograph of the masses, proved photographers and emotions of surprise and happiness. Eetmoukawa not on balconies of buildings, did not stand on the distance to the event hopes to bet, they are not photographers, but they were makers of those days, and therefore part of the new material which they portray.
For his part, wrote the poet polite in the text that is useful also for the interpretation of these images, as in the section that says: "Through the movement of these people (in the January 14, 2011) How high echo of protests saved in the memory of mankind."
Visions coming from Tunisia give us a flood of images that flow to the same memory. That face taut and tense in its call for freedom reflects the impossibility of certainty permanent subordination, which is the object says "Enough!" Cry which dissolves all the contradictions of society.

Source: Al Jazeera

Republican race for the selection of a rival Obama

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Get Chitika PremiumImage via Wikipedia

Continued intense competition within the U.S. Republican Party on the party's candidate, who will face Democratic President Barack Obama, who aspires to win a second term in presidential elections scheduled for November next.
In the state of Iowa competing armies of volunteers in the campaigns of Republicans knock on doors, make phone calls to voters to win the largest possible number of people of the state to attend a meeting of the electoral college of the party where there will take the first step towards the selection of the candidate.
Polls have shown a previous opinion that the billionaire and former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney lead contender for the Republican nomination.
And deliver a Romney - which some see as a moderate despite the tightening of the tone of his speech in recent months - the difficulty in winning the right within the party he belongs to the Mormons in the past, which was considered an impediment to attracting a very conservative Christians.
Occupies Rep. Ron Paul - The candidate who adheres to individual liberties, which opposes all forms of assistance or military intervention abroad - second place, according to opinion polls.
The Texas Governor Rick Perry - who shares falling rapidly - it is betting on the religious conservatives in Iowa to revitalize the national campaign.
He was critical of Romney's remarks wounds rival Ron Paul yesterday, saying "I do not think that Ron Paul represents the mainstream of Republican thought on the issues, especially in the field of foreign policy."
In the face of Republicans, Obama carries the weight of the economic crisis and high unemployment. But he ended the year 2011 to pay the Republicans to agree to a tax agreement, achieving victory was unexpected in light of coexistence, which forced him by his opponents since he got the majority in the House of Representatives in late 2010.

Source: Agencies

Yemeni president seeks to pre-empt the initiative of the Gulf

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Image via Wikipedia

I spoke to media reports today, seeking a Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh to recruit12 thousand people from his tribe to overthrow the Gulf initiative, signed in November 23last with the opposition.

And move the location of Yemen Nation independent of the source of a Yemeni described as early as saying that "Ali Saleh acknowledged during a meeting with his associatesrecruited 12 thousand people Republican Guard from the villages of Bani Bahloul and the country the Russians from the Directorate of Sanhan which belongs to the Yemeni president, and equip them to recover the state institutions that are out of control agents of the President and his regime. "

The meeting recognized - according to the source - failure of leadership and planned to drop things back to normal, and respond strongly to protest the organization that included the camps and the headquarters of important government and security. "

The talk about the abortion initiative effort Gulf after the departure of the Yemenipresident's supporters on Friday to the streets of the capital Sanaa, for the first time sincethe peace agreement signed last month. They decided to resume their protests, raising the slogan "if you return back," and gathered near the presidential palace in Sanaa,Yemen, waving flags and pictures of the president, who has delegated his powers to his deputy.

The protesters called Murad medial "We all said that the signing of the Gulf initiative would end the protests until life returns to normal, but the opposition continued protests andpromised to demonstrate this."

Saleh said the rain was raising a valid image, "the opposition does not want to calm the situation, and want to get rid of all supporters of the Popular Congress Party and we arehere to defend ourselves".

Hundreds of thousands of supporters of the Yemeni revolution in more than thirty yard of 18Yemeni province yesterday on Fri-called "Together we achieve the goals of the revolution."

He called Friday preachers and protesters to remove the authority of the sons of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh and his relatives on the army and security in preparation for trial.

The demonstrators expressed their rejection of any immunities and guarantees provided to the Yemeni President to prevent the trial, after a week in favor of the Declaration ofintention to travel to the United States.

Rebellion institutions
The capital Sana'a and several provinces have witnessed acts of rebellion and protests of demands against the symbols of corruption in state institutions over the past week.

Included institutions that had fallen to the protesters against the regime in favor of the airline of Yemen and the rebel officers and members of the Brigade 35 province Dali, who reported the tanks to demand a change camp commander Brigadier General MohammadAbdullah Haidar and prevented from entering the camp, and responded to Defense Minister Mohammed Nasser Ahmed to their demand to appoint a new leader.

And arrived in Yemen protests to the province of Hodeidah in the West that the protestersmanaged to change leaders and officials of the Naval Academy and Coast Guard, electricity, traffic police, sanitation and other facilities task.

And there are confrontations on Saturday in the city of Aden - the largest city in the south -between security forces and protesters demanding the ouster of President of the University of Aden Abdul-Aziz al-Habtoor issues against the backdrop of financial and administrative corruption accused by members of the faculty of government.

Source: Agencies

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