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Women achieved a gain of $ 1.8 million every hour

 جينا راينهارت
Became the owner of billions Gina Reinhart Australian women in the world's most affluent, advanced, consequently, the U.S. Christy Walton, the heir of chain stores, "Wal-Mart," as stated in the annual rankings prepared by the magazine "The Weekly Bizinas Review" (NPR W). 

His fiancee died .. The grief died after 3 hours

He died a Lebanese professor, after being traumatized, grief over his fiancée, who died before him three hours.

A herd of cows in America and entered the concert all sipping wine!

قطيع من البقر يقتحم حفلاً بأمريكا ويحتسى كل الخمور !
Broke into a herd of cows in the state of Msachto STS-American, a garden wherehe was staying young concert, all cows drank alcohol which was addressed by the celebrants.

German teenager solve a mystery baffled mathematicians for 350 years

مراهق ألماني يحل لغزاً حير علماء الرياضيات 350 عاماً
Enable the teenager in the age of sixteen of the solution puzzle puzzledmathematicians for 350 years.

Australian woman accuses her husband of raping her 50 years ago!

امرأة استرالية تتهم زوجها باغتصابها قبل 50 عاماً!
Australian court approved the trial of a man at the age of 81 years after his wifeaccused him of raping her 50 years ago.

17 thousand dollar bill "neon bulb" has been a beacon for 77 years

17 ألف دولار فاتورة
I discovered the fluorescent bulb behind a wall covered in dust in the cafeteriaKlington in the Broadway, has been a beacon for 77 years.

Egypt calls for America searched the four-year-old boy at the airport in Cairo!

أمريكا تطالب مصر بتفتيش طفل عمره أربع سنوات في مطار القاهرة!
Saw the Cairo International Airport on Wednesday when a strange incident andasked the United States from the Egyptian authorities searched a four-year-old boy was accompanied by his mother of Yemen before the plane took off bound forEgypt to New York, which led to the delay 40 minutes.

Egyptian delayed deadline for the plane returned to his home to find his wife in the arms of her lover

مصري تأخر عن ميعاد الطائرة فعاد إلى بيته ليجد زوجته فى أحضان عشيقها
Were not learning the wife to be shown their relationship to the infamous, after a delay bound for her husband on his trip to Luxor, to return to his home andsurprised Oseem his wife in the arms of her lover. Top of his voice and shouted tothe neighbors to prove the fact of adultery.

Australian grandmother has offered savings on Facebook terror came thieves!

أسترالية عرضت مدخرات جدتها على الفيسبوك فجاءها اللصوص!
Australian police said that two armed men approach the house and teenagestudents against giving them money, and hours after the girl put a picture of the amount of money on its front page on the social networking site.


The death of Barcelona and Argentina captain Lionel Messi because of a heart attack

View the video: coach forced the elderly woman to jump from a plane

The back of the coach in the video driven strongly out of the jump but remainedwedded to the door of the plane, but the manager was paid to the outside andjumped with it, what was of them,

Yemeni doctor loses a child senses that his name "Ali Abdullah Saleh"!

طبيب يمني يُفقد طفلاً حواسه لأن اسمه
In a strange incident, accused the father of Yemeni doctors inject a child aged two years is an appropriate medication for his condition, as the name because his name former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Indian woman marrying hold on the "Snake" Cobra after it signed in love!!

امرأة هندية تعقد قرانها على
Usually have a marriage contract between a man and a woman. However, insome peoples may not be as well.
In India, held a woman marrying a snake Cobra after it signed in fine.

U.S. rope linking his daughter to be able to practice quietly Electronic Games

أمريكي يربط ابنته بحبل ليتمكن من ممارسة الألعاب الألكترونية بهدوء
Have been charged with child abuse to an American father after he binds his daughter, aged 4 years, with a rope to be able to play games, e-quietly.

Australian wounded headache he knew that the twin suffering from a tumor in the head

أسترالي أصيب بصداع فعرف أن توأمه يعاني من ورم في رأسه
Suffered Bernto Girne (38 years) from Sydney, a series of headaches, although the magnetic resonance images, which he held did not appear to be sufferingfrom any speeches, he persuaded his twin brother Craig to conduct tests similar, revealing an MRI that Craig suffers from a brain tumor at the base of his skulldrive, removed in an operation that lasted 10 hours and recovered after it wasexposed to death from one moment to another.

U.S. goes to the hospital because of pain in his kidney to discover that female

أمريكي يذهب للمستشفى بسبب ألم في كليته ليكتشف بأنه أنثى
American Steve Criselios surprised that female when he visited the hospital because of pain in his kidney, I told the nurse that the ultrasound examination shows that he was born female genital organs of internal and external male.

Japanese man cooking the genitals and offered a meal for the guests at a dinner party

شاب ياباني يطبخ أعضاءه التناسلية ويقدمها وجبة للضيوف في حفلة عشاء
The oldest Japanese man to cook his genitals after eradication in the process of surgery and served to guests in a dinner party with pay.Mao and Ai Sugiyama (22 years), who suffers from non-completion of his genitals had undergone surgery to eradicate, rather than disposed of by Baked and served to guests.


An old man run over in ninety percent over the year

عجوز تسعينية تدهس رجلا تجاوز المئة عام

Was a U.S. citizen, Otto Johnson, 101 died after a car ran over a woman led at the age of 91 years in California.

Israel .. To find the treasure in Tel Megiddo has a unique piece of its kind in the Middle East

إسرائيل .. العثور على كنز في تل مجيدو يحتوي قطعة فريدة من نوعها في الشرق الأوسط
Israeli archaeologists announced that the excavations at Tel Megiddo culminated in finding the treasure containing gold jewelry, silver and precious stones dating back to before 3100, ie, to the Canaanite era. The treasure includes 9 large earrings and ring seal may be drilled in the form of a fish, all of which are of gold.

Yemeni killed a Yemeni accused him of witchcraft and the destruction of his business

يمني يقتل يمنيا إتهمه بالسحر وخراب تجارته
Difference Yemeni Aaron Zindani life at the age of 50 years died of injuries sustained as a result of stab wounds he had received from Yemeni national, Abdul Ahmed khat dealer-Harbi, a scream, "You, Jew .. ruined my business in magic." Tried to flee after the war that I did earlier on, but that a number of bystanders prevented that and managed to catch him and hand him over later to the security authorities.

Madonna completely naked for 24 thousand dollars

old to the global star Madonna pictures showing exactly where she is naked on the bed and smoked, compared with about 24 thousand dollars at auction in New York.
The American media, that the picture in black and white for the Queen of Pop picked up in 1990, and shows naked lays on a bed and smoked a cigarette, with cover hides the simple part of her body.
The picture was sold for 23,750 dollars, auction house, "Bonhams", that is three times higher than the price previously estimated.

Star Raven loves to have sex with girls

رايفن سيمون
Raised many of speculation when it was reported that the Disney star Raven Simone lives with fashion model in an apartment in New York.
Raven, who currently lives with supermodel 'AzMarie Livingston' I wrote yesterday on her Twitter: 'I live my own life my way and I'm happy'
Said Raven -26 years - to follow the 35-A: 'I'm not the first that does not reveal her love life, and will not start now, sexual orientation only to me, I am not of the people who put their own lives show only my professional life'.

Million euros to spend one night with Kelly Brook

كيلي بروك
The businessman, French his first name Frederick and display on the star English Kelly Brook a check of one million euros for signature for one night you spend with him, in the re-enactment of a scene from the movie "Andesent Proposal \ display inappropriate" to Demi Moore, where she was the heroine of the night with a stranger for one million dollars.
This was a wealthy French boycotted the photo session was Brooke (32 years) is present at the "Majestic Barrière" and presented a check of one million euros in exchange for one night with her.

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