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Implementation of the death sentence against Saudi killed his wife to enter his hand in her mouth

تنفيذ حكم الإعدام بحق سعودي قتل زوجته بإدخال يده في فمها
Saudi authorities have carried out on Monday the death sentence in Saudi and the rightto strike his neck with the sword to kill his wife daring to enter his hand in her mouth bitingher body.

The Saudi Interior Ministry in a statement that "Abdullah bin Yahya bin Qasim ibn Atiyainfections oldest to kill his wife, Rehab girl Abdullah bin Ali Al Harthy, introducing his handinto her mouth during sleep and doing some of them in different parts of the face, head and ear that led to her death."
The investigation resulted in him being charged for committing his crime, and referred to the General Court was right to spend certified the instrument of what was attributed to him and sentenced to death, was the implementation of the rule of murder on Monday insouthern Saudi Jizan


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