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British man accused of raping her former boyfriend to get back!

بريطانية تتهم رجلاً باغتصابها لتستعيد حبيبها السابق!
Almost a British psychology student, after that imprisons her claim that the man raped her, in an effort to regain the former boyfriend.
The Web site of the newspaper "Daily Mail" that the British Hannah Byron, "20 years",claimed in court that a man was Tagazlh, when it went out with him in March last year,raped her, and said that to regain the love of her boyfriend before.

He reported that the accused was arrested and interrogated, but he gave evidence that he did not rape Byron, shows that the latter is trying to regain the former boyfriend lovethis act.
He described her lawyer did it as "ridiculous", and urged the police to be exemptedfrom the punishment of imprisonment which is applied in such cases, they recognized its mistake and tried to 12 months of imprisonment, with the suspension of action for two years and being subject to control in addition to 150 hours of unpaid work.
Strongly criticized the police and Byron, as they have caused the suffering of man,wasted his time and distracted the police from the search for genuine victims.


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