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Israel Committee and a refuge for homosexuals in the earth

مايكل أورن
Ambassador of Israel in the United States Michael Oren yesterday evening, that Israel is a "paradise and a haven for homosexuals in the earth," pointing out that gay people are preparing an integral part of Israeli society.
The Oren during the annual conference of the homosexuals, and which is held in the United States of America: "The people homosexuals in Israel are part of Israeli society, where we find them soldiers, philosophers, legislators, judges, factory workers, artisans, doctors, teachers, and they are not gay, they are proud Israeli ".Oren pointed out that Israel has sponsored over the past years the World March of homosexuals in Jerusalem, and has provided full protection to them.


The representative of homosexuals in the Labor Party, "Dan Sliver" announced earlier in his candidacy for the Labour Party list in the coming elections to the Knesset Israel.
The newspaper "Maariv" Israeli that this is the first time nominate a gay party of the same work for the Knesset elections, noting that the head of the Labor Party has given its consent Chile Yachimovich full of "Sliver" to run for the party list.
This is the (Israel), gay or "gay" Itaglglun in the bowels of the Zionist society, and live in the classes all, however, (Israel) entity democratic and economic entity and military entity of the most powerful entities in the Middle East, and perhaps is the entity the sixth in military power, and This is the paradox that I would like to read it well every Palestinian, every Arab, every Muslim is even, ran in his head a question after the news and yet paradoxically, is this because of the power (Israel), or because of the weakness of the Palestinian and Arab and Muslim?.
And states were gay usually are weak states, eating licorice fortifications from home and she does not have the qualifications withstand and survive, and physical force and the military is not a fortress strong to lead the gay and society gay, because the force is not in the article, but in human strength (Israel) toweakness and failure, and (Israel) to the demise, but weakness of Palestinian and Arab and Muslim world is the one who gives the state gay periods of additional time to stay, so I said in my introduction do not read the news, but read irony, to know yourself before you know your enemy.

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