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Australian wounded headache he knew that the twin suffering from a tumor in the head

أسترالي أصيب بصداع فعرف أن توأمه يعاني من ورم في رأسه
Suffered Bernto Girne (38 years) from Sydney, a series of headaches, although the magnetic resonance images, which he held did not appear to be sufferingfrom any speeches, he persuaded his twin brother Craig to conduct tests similar, revealing an MRI that Craig suffers from a brain tumor at the base of his skulldrive, removed in an operation that lasted 10 hours and recovered after it wasexposed to death from one moment to another.

Says Craig that his twin brother saved his life, adding: «We are very close to each other», so they told me that my family was looking to Brenton to try to be gleanedfrom the progress of the processes, in turn, said Justin languages​​, a doctor from the University of Sydney who has been studying twins, that the discovery of the tumor in this way «is a rare occurrence», pointing to the possibility of a confluence of ideas between the two brothers «Although there is much that we do not knowabout this subject which is one of the field of psychiatry».

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