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A herd of cows in America and entered the concert all sipping wine!

قطيع من البقر يقتحم حفلاً بأمريكا ويحتسى كل الخمور !
Broke into a herd of cows in the state of Msachto STS-American, a garden wherehe was staying young concert, all cows drank alcohol which was addressed by the celebrants.

The newspaper "The Boston Globe that" cop James Reiter was in Boxfordprevents the passage of cars on the road around the herd, when the cows broke into the garden of a house.
Reiter said, "I heard screaming coming from the house .. cows removed from a group of young men were sitting around tables, and began to drink alcohol, which was eat."
Reiter also noted that the cows have left the cups and bottles, and began to drinkon the table, explaining that the police contacted the owners of the herd who cameand collected the cows.

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