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Video:Child survives after the «washing» his father's fault .. In the washing machine

Survived the death of a child after "washing" his father's error in the washing laundry in the city of Camden, New Jersey U.S..


And dissemination of video on YouTube picked up a surveillance camera in the laundryof the incident, which occurred on May 11 / May instant, and that appears when the father puts his son into the washing machine and closes the lid of it without realizing that it would begin to spin automatically because he had to put money in it.

The horrified parents of the child immediately and together trying to open the lid of the washing machine to no avail and began screaming and running in place before asking for help to bring workers in the laundry, cut the power cord of the machine.

The owner of the laundry that the child does not exceed the year-old sustained bruisesand bruises from without the injured to any serious injuries and was laughing when he went with his parents from the scene.

He pointed out that he was thinking in the development of a sign warning of the boys putin machines even though it would raise the irony.

Prosecutors said that the incident in the city, not criminal in nature, but they prefer to come to show parents that their son well.


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