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Saudi patient requests a report on his health surprised that he is dead!!

مريض سعودي يطلب تقريراً عن حالته الصحية فيتفاجأ بأنه ميت!!
A surprised Inpatient Hospital King Fahad Central Jizan, the news "of his death," whichcame in a report issued by the hospital administration to the effect that the patient (m. H.M) passed away on 19.10.1432 e result of morbidity and atrial fibrillation and the failure of the heart muscle of the class the third.

The patient had requested from the Department of the hospital report on his case for submission to the specialists in a specialized hospital by one of his relatives he was surprised by the report titled "Report of the death" with the number 18936 and without a history, on paper and the Ministry of Health official and stamped the seal of the hospitalsection of the report and the location of the four doctors .

The patient complains, which is still lying in bed the same hospital the same badsituation with his arm and nutrients extracted from harmful way which caused himseveral wounds visible on his body.

He asked for the report and I hope in the healing, God willing, in a specialized hospitalsadvanced in my - god honor - but what carried him to report the cases of King Fahad Central Hospital was a tragedy by any measure, you can imagine to have rights news ofhis death and leaves an official, in while eager to hear what they displace about diseaseand suffering


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