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Death or heart attack after the failure of saving her from drowning in Jordan

وفاة أم بنوبة قلبية بعد فشل إنقاذ طفلتها من الغرق في الأردن
Girl died (6 years) drowned in the swimming pool one of the parks in the area of ​​layerstallion Irbid, while her mother suffered a heart attack while trying to save the girl child,which led to her death as well, according to sources in civil defense.

The cadres of the Civil Defense to transfer the bodies to a hospital in Abu Obeida,where the doctor said they were dead, and was converted to the center of the forensicautopsy in the territory of the north and stand on the causes of two deaths, while the competent security agencies started investigation into the incidents.
And increased the number of drowning deaths since the beginning of the summer season in the dam, to five, were rescued in Mon

It is noteworthy that the General Directorate of Civil Defense warns continuously, hikersin areas of the Jordan Valley, from approaching the dams and water bodies to avoiddrowning, and not to allow children to access.


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