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Zurich to restore the stolen painting to Dega

ReutersProsecutors announced in the city of Zurich, the Swiss authorities have recovered the last panel of four paintings stolen during an armed robbery at a Swiss museum four years ago, a panel of French photographer Edgar Dega, which is one of the founders of the Impressionist school.

And returned to the panel Deja a few months ago but the news block recovered so as not to adversely affect the efforts to restore a second panel of the four were still missing at the time found on the plate Dega.
Earlier this month, it announced that the Serbian police recovered Panel French photographer Paul Cézanne, and its name (the boy with a red bra), which is estimated at $ 109 million and most famous panel within the four paintings stolen from Swiss museum. And eighth as much as paintings stolen up to $ 163 million.
The prosecutor's office said in Zurich on Friday he was arrested four men in Serbia on charges of involvement in the theft of paintings.
During a press conference in the Serbian capital Belgrade said Meliku Radisavljevic competent prosecutor of organized crime that they want to sell the four panel Cézanne by up to 3.5 million euros. The Serbian authorities found stolen painting hidden in the internal cavity of the car door.
And had two other paintings of the four gorillas to their owners may after investigations as long as four years in a process called "bra" in reference to the drawing board Cézanne worked in police anti-organized crime in Zurich and the Serbian authorities.

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