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Tumor save a child from Colombia the title of "turtle" - Photos

استئصال ورم يخلص طفلا كولومبيا من لقب
U.S. claims to rid a child, "Didi" 6 years of a foreign body has grown from a young ageon his back like a turtle rock everlasting dark brown, even dubbed the "baby turtle."

According to reports the Daily Mirror, the British have suffered the child from the UFO too much, and caused him a lot of pain, psychological and moral, but he was able to undergo surgery to get rid of the tumor strange Hospital Great Omod London, after a fundraiserfor him, especially after the publication of his case in one of the newspapers .

And the child's illness, the doctor said Neil Bulstrod told the newspaper: "It was a case ofDidi of the worst cases I've seen, because of the large size of the tumor, it covers three-quarters of the circumference his body," he added, saying: "I wanted hard to conclude the child from a child's surname turtle final."

The disease is rare and affects a child of the 20 thousand children

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