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Saudi placed a tent in a U.S. university and offers Arabic coffee

سعودي ينصب خيمه داخل جامعة أمريكية ويقدم القهوة العربية
The scholarship Badr Al-Qahtani (26 years), step-by-alien, his residence was in a makeshift tent surrounded with pillows covering the council hall of the Arab American University, Wilkes offers the Arabic coffee in the traditional manner for all visitors to review the history of Saudi Arabia and a number of photos and brochures.

The earlier effort, giving back to the Qahtani, who forwards it to the Saudi club for Heritage and Culture Arabia desirability of employees of the university academics and students. Qahtani said that his idea realized the help of the Saudi embassy, ​​which turned the idea on the fact and the number of visitors to the Interim Council set up by the 100 visitors.
Al-Qahtani, and manages the promotional program called the name of (Arabian Nights), where the label explained why, saying: "We seek to clarify the idea of ​​what we have in the past and what we are now and what we will be in the future, God willing."
He adds Al-Qahtani said: "I was surprised by the existence of a unified idea of ​​the majority of Americans about the reality of the Saudi citizen, where most of them have a single model for the people of the Middle East and we are through the images and words, food change that image for good."
Has shown a lot of professors at the University of relish for the step-Qahtani to dispel misconceptions between cultures of different peoples asserting that the exhibition attract different nationalities from all over the world.
It is worth mentioning that Al-Qahtani is married and has three sons and is about to complete his studies, majoring in mechanical engineering.

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