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Kuwait "drunk" urinating on the threshold of a house former British Prime Minister "Tony Blair!"

Kuwaiti man stood on the threshold of the house of former British Prime Minister "TonyBlair" to pee at three o'clock in the morning, did not respond to calls for police to stop it did, forcing them to use an electric detonator to catch him.

According to news sites that were transferred Kuwait to the hospital after his arrest,because its collapse as a result shock, while the man was drunk so was not aware ofwhat he is doing, and has directed the court charged with "Sugar" and the lack of respect for laws and exposure to a police officer.

Show the man a public official in the fourth decade of life, no language other thanArabic, which is difficult on the issue of understanding with him, and quoted the Daily Mail for his lawyer as saying that his client had intended to bring a case against the police about the reaction he faced and the way it treats, however, preferred to return to his country .
It is said that the Kuwaiti citizen was accompanied by a family member who was receiving treatment in Britain and was home to an apartment with his friends on a 10-minute walk from the home of Blair.

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