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Auction to sell a car «Ferrari» left by British rare in Dubai

Dubai police said that the auction will be held on Wednesday, Al Qusais area of 23luxury cars were seized either by the accumulation of traffic fines or left by their ownersand their departure outside the UAE.

Among the cars would be a rare display of model car "Enzo Ferrari", which makes themnot only 399 vehicle where the owner left her British citizenship in one of the positionsbefore fleeing out of the country in July of the year before last.

The value of the car towards the rare $ 1.5 million (5.6 million) but the selling price in theauction will be less than that because of left abandoned for more than 20 months underharsh climatic conditions.

The auction will include a 3 Ferrari and the other 7 cars including the Porsche Ferrariblack is expected to reach 700 thousand worth of auction AED owner has left the Britishbecause of the accumulation of traffic fines on them.

Said a senior official in the passage of Dubai that the owner of the rare Ferrari car left ina parking provided outside the country and the police confiscated the car and displaythe auction note that the British now wanted by Interpol.

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