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Moroccan father sends his daughter to live at her grandfather's (raped her)

أب مغربي يرسل ابنته لتعيش عند جدها فيغتصبها !
The tragic incident of rape rocked the Moroccan public opinion due to the heinous crime as the vehicle was set in the city "and Adzum" in the province of "Khouribga" Moroccan killed a girl named Fatima Zahra, the offender is her grandfather, aged 68 years. The events of the crime and began several years ago when he took his father and claims to "fit" his daughter Fatima, aged 5 years to live within the confines of his father, a wealthy farmer who owns a farm for breeding cattle.

Saleh did not expect one day that the consequences would be disastrous after he found her "supposed to protect them and bringing them" sexually exploited for many years.Fatima said that her grandfather began to exploit as a "concubine" and practiced with her maid and sex, a very small superficial and does not know what to do with it and then force them to do all the household chores. The Fatima: "My grandfather was a slaughter threaten me and tell me" If you said to your father or any one will Ozbg "so afraid and preferred silent and thought a lot to escape but I did not know where to go I do not know the way to the house of my father." Did not stop at fairly seriously but exceeded only to do one of his employees and also the rape of Fatima after learning that her grandfather became so intimate partner cohabiting couples and became a force it to use the pill.
No Fdh crime seriously only when a dispute arises between him and his son "fit" the father of the victim Fatima on a car was the grandfather had bought for his son and then he dragged him and immediately called for recovery of his daughter, who dared, and revealed to her father for Tfasl crime is complete and immediately submit the father filed a complaint to the concerned authorities demanding the signing of the maximum punishment for the accused and two seriously and the worker, who works in his farm.
And referred the Royal Moroccan police "seriously and Group" to the Attorney General in Khouribga, on charges of rape of a minor granddaughter, as well as the resulting rape defloration hymen minor in the second right of the accused. The newspaper "Sabah Moroccan dispute, Jr. and his father during a moment of anger passing, it develops into the customary exchange of insults and verbal abuse, have made Grandfather uttered in front of his son, news of the shocking, that his minor daughter is pregnant, what prompted him to rush to a doctor who specializes in gynecology, which confirmed its exposure to the process of defloration virginity about a year ago. At first questioned the police and prosecutors into allegations the father of "Fatima" to his father raping his daughter, and be kind to one year and thought that the charges are a result of disagreement between them, but charged the grandson of her grandfather's pay themselves her body hastily put the accused by order of the Attorney General under the measures of maximum security, and to allocate them to the Attorney General. Source: I'm a flower

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