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Madonna's wish to sing with Adele

About a month ago appeared almost pop star Madonna is defending with all our strengthfor the rising singing star Adele laughed when fashion designer Karl Ajeveld of excess weight. Now, Madonna returns to state that they wish to cooperate with the talentedBritish actress Adele, but want to sing and share with them singing in the opening ceremony of the American football championship (Super Bowl).

The newspaper "Daily Mail" that the British Queen of Pop Madonna (53 years) stated on many occasions it is one of the biggest fan of Badal and is impressed by her voice freshwhen you sing it, and it was the wish if I could sing to her when revived ceremony theSuper Bowl, but Adele was at that time recovering from surgery in her throat after doctorsdiscovered a tumor has, but it remains optimistic that its desire to achieve and to the side singing Adele in her concert in Hyde Park next summer.

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