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The death of contestants in the London Marathon before the end of one tendency

Middle EastEnglish woman collapsed in the thirty-year-old and died before reaching the final of the famous London Marathon. She was given her first aid near Park St James in central London at a distance of one mile from the finish line, and transported to the hospital quickly, but she died on Sunday afternoon according to the official statement which appeared on the official site of the London Marathon.
The statement said «We would like to emphasize that our concern is with the immediate family of the deceased and her friends. We sympathize very with her family in this difficult time ».

The Claire Squires, a hairdresser from North Kellowrth in the province of Leicester, had participated in the marathon to raise funds for charity supports. I was able to collect 500 pounds of her friends, but her death led to the increase in the funds for up to £ 6250.
I have written in its own website to collect donations on the occasion of their participation in the marathon «As you know, I share in the London Marathon .. I have been involved in it for entertainment, but it is a rare opportunity to raise funds for charitable societies «Acommaratinz». If each person donated five pounds I know it will be great and will change many lives ».
It should be noted that the race Saturday is the second time in which they participate in the London Marathon. She had managed to climb the mountain before the Clemengaro in Tanzania to raise funds for the Association «Royal Air Force».
A spokesman for the ambulance to London «Our staff have treated a woman in the thirty-year-old on the occasion of the event and brought her to the hospital quickly».
The tests will be conducted in the past few days to find out the reasons for the death of Squires. It should be noted that the death of Claire Squires is the tenth since the launch of the London Marathon in 1981.
Was attended by 37,500 people took part in the Marathon amateur in the British capital, which extends for a distance of 26 miles to get the medal to prove their participation in the race and raise funds for their association favorite charities, as well as professionals.

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