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An official document proving the financing of the electoral campaign for the Gaddafi «Sarkozy» 50 million euros

Deployment site "Media Bart" the French news, an official document to prove to give Colonel Muammar Gaddafi "agreed in principle" to finance the election campaign of President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007.

And This document contained a memorandum signed by the head of the external security of Moses M'Hamed zucchini, which states that the meeting held on October 6, 2006 and was attended by Director of the Libyan intelligence Abdullah Sanusi and head of portfolio Libya Investment African "Bashir Saleh," and the French side, the former interior minister Brice Ortvuo and businessman Ziad Taqi al-Din, during which they agreed to pay $ 50 million euros to finance the election campaign of presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy. However, this note did not specify whether such funding has actually happened or not.
He said the site he got the document "of former senior officials in the country, currently in secret places," sent it to him "in recent days."
She described the spokeswoman Natalie Morizet Sarkozy this hypothesis as "laughable," she said, "One has to imagine funding Libya fifty million euros for an election campaign expenditure ceiling of 22 million euros. The funds approved by the Constitutional Council did not raise any objection hand. "
And the relocation of "Media Bart," a lawyer for the French Lebanese businessman Ziyad Taqi al-Din as saying that her client "was not present at the meeting talked about the document," but "believes that this document honest view of history, expounded by the names."
For his part, Press Ortvuo and former French interior minister that he "never did not meet Musa Kusa, Bashir Saleh."
He demanded that the Socialist Party, Sarkozy to make interpretations of the French Central information on this level of risk, reported in the new documents issued by the circles of Libyan dictator (last) himself. "
Musa Kusa and assumed the presidency of the Libyan intelligence services between 1994 and 2009 before becoming secretary of state, then split from the system Tripoli and went to London and from there to Qatar.
The weekly Le Canard Ancinih reported at the beginning of April that Bashir Saleh received supplements of Interpol in France on the grounds that the establishment of "family reunion". He was responsible for the Fund for the Libyan African investment, "the Libyan sovereign fund exceed its potential strong forty billion dollars," according to Media Bart.
On March 12, refused to Sarkozy the possibility that Libya funded his campaign in 2007 and said derisively, "If the former Libyan Mall of the campaign, I did not appreciate him a lot," referring to the French involvement in the military operation of NATO that led to the overthrow Gaddafi between March and October 2011.
The location of the BART Media published the day in question and another document alludes to the Tripoli campaign funded Sarkozy worth up to fifty million euros.
He also stressed Saif al-Islam, son of Libyan leader over the previous feed that Libya funded Sarkozy's campaign for the 2007 elections for president.

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