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Russian pan hit her husband to death out of jealousy

روسية تضرب زوجها بالمقلاة حتى الموت بدافع الغيرة
Inflamed the jealousy, the heart of wife in the age of thirty, her husband proceeded to hit the frying pan on his head, and killed him.

Quoted by news agency "Novosti" Russian commission of inquiry to a local saying, that a man in his fifties died in hospital in the Russian city of Ornburg located on the UralRiver, after his wife hit the pan on his head out of jealousy.
The police officer, that "the man entered the fiftieth to intensive care in hospital after suffering severe problems in the device palsy, and died the next day."
And approved the wife, 36-year-old, she hit her head on the pan during a fight got out of jealousy between them.
The women face in the event of condemnation, a term of imprisonment of up to 15 years.

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