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Saudi child turns two gets a traffic violation for not having a driver's license!

طفل سعودي يبلغ عامين يحصل على مخالفة مرورية لعدم حمل رخصة قيادة !
Child received no later than its second year on the traffic violation for not drive a driving license which sign of his father in astonishment and confusion of his command.

The citizen-Otaibi Maayuf in his complaint that he was surprised by a traffic violationrecorded on his son Abdul Rahman in 1418 while he was a child did not exceed its second year in that period by the date the monitoring violation, which was carrying No.19092465 by the passage of Buraida.

Al-Otaibi said that his son was born in Mecca in 1416 AH, while restricting the offenseagainst him was on 12/2/1418, where e was discovered when seeking to check the functionality that it offers in one of the sectors where the government stopped theproceedings to pay offenses recorded against him.

Al-Otaibi said that the passage of the capital of the Holy See by virtue of his residenceto object to the offense, where I am by the Traffic Department that they will address apassage of the province of Buraida to benefit.

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