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Airlines in South Africa offers free trips "for the fourth wife"

شركة طيران في جنوب أفريقيا تقدم رحلات مجانية
Air has announced South African based reduced prices, it will provide free trips to thefourth wife in families where polygamy at a time when President Jacob Zuma to marry for the sixth time.

The company explained, "Kolola. Com" in a statement that this offer applies to the "fourth wife" in families where polygamy at a time when Zuma is preparing for marriage in thecurrent weekend.
Prior to the President that the South African married five times, and has about twentychildren. The divorced one of his wives committed suicide in 1998, another in 2000.
The airline, known ads idiosyncratic "offer includes fourth wife, when you travel with the family in flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town."

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