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Twitter analyzes the news of marriage Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

After news of the Declaration of American sermon star Brad Pitt and the U.S. screenbeauty Angelina Jolie, The response of the public to show that 21% of Twitter usersthought that the couple were married throughout that time already.

According to the site "Mashable" Crimson Hexagon Foundation has specialized in the analyzes and tests related to social networking sites, to analyze the reactions to the news for Twitter users, to explain the findings are as follows:
• 31% of Twitter users have expressed their admiration for the move, while 17% showedencouraging them to take a similar step as a prelude to marriage close links betweenthe two stars forever.
• 39% of Twitter users were on the fence of the news, while it showed 21% of userswere surprised because they thought that the two stars were already married, especially after the continuation of their relationship about 7 years.
• 31% of users did not care about it, as well as 6% expressed cynicism that the duofinally remember to accept the engagement to take a step at a time when they should doso for a long time.

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