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British bride wears a 9 Dresses at once on the night of her wedding! - Photos

عروس بريطانية ترتدى 9 فساتين دفعة واحدة فى ليلة عرسها! - صور
Bride spent days and months in the processing of the wedding dress that suits them, but the situation differed with the British Helen Manca, which works as a model, whereHelen has 25 years, spending about 30 thousand dollars for the purchase of 18 to weara dress at once on the night of her wedding.

As the Daily Mail newspaper reported that Helen had bought any wedding dress she likes, and indicated that they dropped the idea of ​​wearing a dress 18 on the night of her wedding to lack of time and only with 9 of them.
Helen has returned one of the dresses of the 9 to the store and sold a 5 on eBay and donated by 3 to charity.
The pair said Joe Helen: Some people think that the bride's crazy but he loves her, andlooked stunning in every dress you wear.
Also decided to Helen and her husband Joe to renew aged in the next year, has 10dresses worn in the ceremony.

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