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A British man facing jail for cruelty to animals after eating a fish alive!

شاب بريطاني يواجه السجن بتهمة القسوة مع الحيوان بعد تناوله سمكة حية! - فيديو
Raised the video clip is circulating on the internet of a young man deals with a British fishlive in a storm in legal circles, it may cause the imprisonment of six months if convictedon charges of cruelty to animals.

And opened the Humane Society of the British "Rspka" an investigation into the video, which showed the young Louis Cole (28 years) deals with a small silver fish, after beingextracted from the basin of water, according to the newspaper "Daily Mail" BritainMonday, 23 April / April.
The young man appeared in the video Louise witnessed by 120 thousand visitors sinceits publication two weeks ago, looks to the camera, laughing, then he will eat thick after a number of attempts that have failed as a result of being subjected to bouts of vomitingwhenever they attempt.

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