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Canadian cow gets the title of "world champion in the production of milk" and enter the Guinness

بقرة كندية تحصل على لقب
Canadian cow has made its name "Smirv", a record in der milk as it produced217 tons of it in 15 years as owner and said officials from the Guinness Book of World Records.

He explained that Eric Batunod manages his family for six generations to produce themilk farm near Ottawa, "This amount equivalent to more than one million cups of milk."
The cow is still "borderline", a type of "Holstein", milk yield, despite her age advanced.
The official confirmed in the Guinness Book of World Records achievement cow, toldAFP. The previous record was registered as a U.S. cow from Michigan.
Dairy cow produces on average during her life producing about 35 000 kg of milk a33,981 liters.
Batunod said that "continuity and regularity" her title implies, stressing that their offspringmay very well come from a bull named "Ombiror" from the state of Wisconsin and U.S.cow Murphy, "a cash cow very well."
He said livestock farmers "This is not going to change our lives, but it's fun."
And celebrates the Cow "borderline" sixteenth birthday in September will put a calf XVI in a few weeks. So far, only a cow did not put one female.

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