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Bears fleeing from a Japanese zoo kills two women

BBCKilled by bears fleeing from a zoo in northern Japan, two women, believed to be fromlawn care workers.

The police reported the incident, which occurred at a zoo in the province of AkitaHajimntai North up to ten in the morning, one or GMT Friday.

It is reported that the third factor able to save himself from the attack bears stray.

And enable the fishermen from the area to kill some bears escaped, but did not knowexactly how many of them fled.

Police have asked residents and schoolchildren to stay in their homes and schools.

The local authority also closed some roads, and police were deployed teams and fire-fighting patrols to hunt down those bears.

It is said that the park has 38 Dibba in their cages, and open the doors usually during the summer season, but reports say that the park was closed at the time of the accident.

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