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Michael Douglas returns to the cinema after recovering from cancer

Star decided to "Michael Douglas" to take part in the comedy "Last Vegas" which embodies the role of an old man denies his age.

The decision to stop the star after a two-year representation result of being infected witha cancerous tumor in the throat, has undergone surgery to remove the tumor but there is a possibility of returning again.
Comedy in the film begins in a ceremony to bid farewell to bachelorhood old in a city"Las Vegas" which marry one of her age and half his age. Each film will include veteransof the two stars, "Dustin Hoffman" and "Christopher and I did."
The film was supposed to start 3 years ago, and stopped because "Douglas" embodiesthe title role, but decided to "Douglas" to stop to fight the disease.
The "Douglas" was recently honored at the awards ceremony the annual "Monte Cristo"for his contributions to world cinema.

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