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"Bugatti" plates Saudi Arabia attracts hundreds of tourists in Paris - Video

Attracted a model car "Bugatti" plates Saudi Arabia, owned by a wealthy Saudi While in Paris, hundreds of car enthusiasts in Europe to watch the car closely.

The stream of hundreds of fans drive from the various countries of Europe, in addition to the arrival of more than 15 photographers for newspapers and media; to take pictures of the car, which made for a wealthy Saudi estimated at more than one million and 600 thousand pounds sterling "9.0007 million riyals," which made her body of material Alborcelin .
A lot of fans that they came from Germany and the Netherlands, Britain and Spain when they saw some video clips and pictures of the car on the web, and when they learned of their existence in Paris, came to France, and discussed them until they found parked in a street of Paris famous, and took pictures with them.Some fans said that the car and reached fame all over Europe; where hundreds flock to Paris every day to search for and take pictures with them. Adding that he immediately stop in any street spreading the news, people start to come and watch them closely, as some portray as she walked in the streets.Has published dozens of clips videos transmitted on lovers of cars on the web and on their mobile phones, and some described the place of parking the car, which people flock from all over Europe to see, tourist shrine.

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