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Mike Tyson revealed that he made ​​a prison guard during his detention are pregnant

Said the American boxer Mike Tyson to make it stand guard during a prison term of his detention.

And Tyson said in an interview with the network (ESPN) "I never talk about making theprison guard pregnant," and when asked by a journalist for more details, he said, "Yes, in prison you get a lot of things, but did not give birth to the child", without clarifying the If she had aborted by mistake or have undergone a process.

He did not say Tyson at any time from the times of many he entered the prison to makeGuardian pregnant, knowing that he had been to prison 38 times before the age of 13 years and jailed in 1992 on charges of rape and in 1998 on charges of irregularitiesfunctioning and in 2006 on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and in 2009 on charges of assault on a photographer.

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